Muscle spasm!

Hi Fibro Friends,

It's been a while that I don't post anything but that doesn't mean that my symptoms are not there.

My muscle spasms seem to be worst and worst and recently notice a bruise near the elbow where my pain is worst. Has anyone experience this? I seem to to have a very painful spasm in the upper back which makes the pain spread out to the entire arm all the way to the fingers. I used to see "flares" and get them every couple of months however I had this just few weeks ago, went away and came right back just too quickly.

Is this common with any of you guys?

I have muscle spasms every day. I hate them they are so painful, I get them in my back, neck, legs and arms, I only wish the muscle relaxers would take the pain away, check with your dr , he may want to put you on something to help lessen the spasms. Sending you prayers and gently hugs, jackie