Muscle Cramps?

I have horrible muscle cramps. On top of pain, add a charliehorse! Is this something everyone else has or should I be freaking out about maybe low potasium or something?

Oh I should add that this is a symptom, but I don't know anyone who actually has the cramps.

Hi Ciarawyn, I have muscles cramps in my legs, feet and toes. They used to be so bad that I could see my muscles jump under my skin. I asked my Dr. if it was restless leg and he said no, it was a symptom of my fibro. He suggested I try an anticonvulsant. I didn't know that gabapentin (Neurontin) and pregabalin (Lyrica) were considered anticonvulsants.

Anticonvulsants are drugs used to prevent seizures. They calm overactive nerves and affect the pain transmission pathway, both of which can improve fibromyalgia symptoms.

Since I have tried and can't tolerate either gabapentin (Neurontin) or pregabalin (Lyrica) he suggested I try carbamazepine (Tegretol). This has helped with the extreme cramps and I do notice a difference if I forget to take it, so I guesses it works for me. Make sure to tell your doctor about this and ask if any of these drugs might help, if you're not already on one of them.
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thanks! i know flexeril works for it... lol of course then every muscle in your body is so relaxed you can't move. there is always a trade off huh?

Hi Ciarawyn,

The muscle cramping and Charlie horses are part of fibromyalgia, but in my opinion, everyone should take a good multi-vitamin and mineral, and I was given a cal/mag/D3 vitamin by my Chiropractor, and I also add more potassium to help with the cramping, and drawing. The calcium is good for bone, the magnesium and potassium are good for muscle. Always clear this with your Doctor, to make sure it will not interfere with meds, or your Pharmacist can also help you with this, as well as help you choose a good grade of vitamin/mineral.

I also take Lyrica for Sciatica and general nerve pain.

Here is the cal/mag/d3 he recommends, either the 1001 or the 2001, and he tells me I can take 2 in the AM, @ in the PM.

I hope you can find some relief very soon!

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I have these issues as well, and I have found bikram yoga and daily stretching help with these symptoms. I also take a potassium pill and eat lots of bananas (per my GP). Some days it works better than others and some days like yesterday I don't stretch and I get really bad charlie horses.

I also make sure I wear shoes that have support for my feet type. I pronate in and that can cause just as many issues without FIBRO. I went to orthopedic foot dr and had them evaluate me. I have spondylolisthesis grade 1 which has caused a total knee replacement in my right knee and another type of knee surgery in my left.

Um, Mickey, I feel for you, I had to look it up, so I'll post it for everyone I can somewhat relate, I have scoliosis and stenosis from Psoriatic Arthritis, the spondylitis type. Though I have been on Enbrel about a year, and it has helped, a lot of damage occurred in the years and years it took to get a diagnosis.

Right now the new MRIs have showed significant progression, my Internist is freaking, sending me for a bone density scan then to a neurosurgeon, my Rheum says it's not that bad, my Chiro understands both of them, and thinks a few good neuros should decide!

It's no fun, girlfriend!

I used to work out every day before going to work for a minimum of 12 hours, I did kick boxing, aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, now just to stretch and walk works for me! I do have an interesting article in a recent Arthritis Today mag about doing yoga in bed, that is going to work better for me than on the floor, the minute they tell me to lay on my back on the floor, it's off!

Muscle cramps can also be a sign of a certain vitamin deficiencies. I would consult my PCP.

Hi ciawarawyn… I also have muscle cramps ( charlie horses) in my legs ( calves and thighs), ankles, toes and feet. Usually ok in morning, start in the evenings and some nights I have them every time I move which is about every five minutes. I know it’s not my potassium as it is on the high side of normal. I do take calcium and magnesium along with numerous other vitamins and they don’t seem to have helped. I find that sometimes it occurs when I’m not drinking enough water. Although I still get them when I am hydrated its only once in a while. You might want to start tracking the amount of actual water you drink as tea, coffee etc can dehydrate you. Good luck in finding a solution

I have this problem. When I get them in the thigh-OMG!-worst pain ever!!! You can't "walk" those off- put ice on them (it works). Ok, so I have found that when I do not drink enough water I get them, and also it is true, that when your potassium is down you will get these cramps. So...first drink LOTS of water throughout the day, and try to eat potassium rich foods. If you have a dr. appt coming up, have him test your potassium and vitamin d.

Mine are way worse at night... I know I am an awful water drinker. I bet that has a lot to do with it when they get bad. My son was told he has a low potasium count, he has to drink Gatorade every day. The dr said that should be enough to help. He really can tell when he doesn't drink it too. Poor kid is only 18. He has many Fibro symptoms too I am afraid. I try to drink one a day too. I need a good vitamin.