Mumijo/Shijalit for inflammation, pain, fatigue & GI

also known as maumasil, mumie, moomiyo, mummiyo, shilajit/salajeet, kao-tun, brogschaun, arakul dshibal, = ‘oil/blood of the mountains’:

Anti-inflammatory, pain & GI/IBS: Mumijo attenuates chemically induced inflammatory pain in mice - PubMed (2015),
Reduces stomach acidity: Ulcer healing activity of Mumijo aqueous extract against acetic acid induced gastric ulcer in rats - PubMed (2015)
Anti-inflammatory, mitochondria/ATP/energy/immobility, anti-oxidative, anxiety:
German link: also lipids. When ill, 2-3x200-300mg/d 30’ before eating for 20-30d. Then 10d without, then another 20-30d. Also away from meals & meds (praps), so I use my sleep break at around 4:00.
Myself I can’t see it working (e.g. GI), but also not harming, and I need everything I can to save my tooth (inflammation) at the moment.
Not clear what it exactly is/was, probably plant rot, with lots of goodies tho.
Wasn’t hard to get via my online pharmacies, but not many have it.