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Moving to Littleton CO


Hi everyone! I am moving in less than 3 weeks to Colorado and would love any recommendations for a pain doc who is willing to prescribe narcorics. Ok, I know how this sounds, but please keep reading. I have been using a fentanyl patch for the past 4 years and it’s changed my life. It doesn’t make me tired or loopy as with pills. It’s a miracle drug (for me). I can get up every day and do something whereas before the patch, I was almost bedridden. I hope someone can help me with a recommendation to any doc whom is a compassionate and understanding person. Thank you!


Try googling Dr before you go and call to set up appointment. Do you know someone their who could give you a recommend?


Hi Elissa,

I just responded on another thread. I agree with @purplebutterfly if you can maybe do some research on major hospitals in your area and see if they have a Pain Clinic.
Maybe asking your previous pain dr if he has any references to people in Littleton. Keep us updated! I guess

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Thanks for the recommendation. I actually have been researching but not much luck so far. Two doctors that I call don’t treat fibro. I guess I’m just gonna have to keep on trying.


I think I’m going to go that route and start talking to people in hospitals. I certainly will keep you updated and hope to hear positive things from you soon. Stay well my friend.

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I wish I was more helpful. I’ve been outta commission for a bit because my pain has been too much, and I’m on pain meds. I have to be more active than I am. I have been sitting too much. It’s not good. You stay well too :slight_smile:



Hi David. I am so sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. I know not everyone is spiritual but I will pray for you and hope you feel better very soon. (Gentle hugs)


Hi Elissa,

So sorry for the delay in my response. It has been busy/yuck so I kinda turned into a hibernating bear. Thank you for the kind words. Your very sweet. Lately I have been doing pretty well and can’t complain. I’m actually rather excited about it. I hope things are going great for you!


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Elissa, try searching the site for Colorado. You could try sending a private message to members who you think might be able to help by clicking on their avatar, and then on the blue message icon.

The other thing that might work is finding a thread that looks like it has a few Colorado people on it, and posting the question there. Previous thread posters will then get an email about your question.

Good luck with this

Seenie from Moderator Support

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