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Moving forward with Disability application


I broke down and applied for disability last month when I never thought I’d be out of intense pain again. I just got papers in the ma asking about my daily activities and limitations and more info on my work history. I’m taking this as a good sign? Any tips when filling it out? As long as my hands work right and I’m not tremoring I think I can get it filled out (on a good day), it sure is a lot and they don’t give enough space to write it all.


First I would attach a note stating you are unable write using pen/pencil b/c of Fibro and to please see the attached typed information.

I would then answer the questions via typing, or whatever works best for you. You may want to indicate how long it took to answer each question based on your ability to write at that point in time.

Most importantly, do not minimize. Even more importantly, stick to FACTS. This can be very difficult to do, as people with chronic conditions we tend to automatically make the least of it — “no, I’m fine, thanks” is easier then explaining. You may need to write several drafts as the first one will probably contain emotion.

Emotion does not matter. I can not stress this enough! You must keep it very straight forward, medical, even dry sounding. Often bullet points are best. Keep it simply, keep it clear, and keep you feelings out of it.



Thank you. I was thinking how overwhelming it was that I would have to fill all that in, because me hands cramp and tremor.


Hi Azurelle.

I’m not going to lie on my paperwork, but do I use the information based on what one of the worst days I’ve had is like because I sometimes do have days where it’s not unbearable? And then, will they come out and evaluate me if they think that I am deserving of disability or will they just approve it?


Hello ,
Your application will go in front of a panel who will access it and may agree right away that you are eligible to receive it or on the other hand they may want you be seen by an independent doctor who decide whether you receive it or not I do not know if you have a district nurse or social worker involved with you if you have it would be a good idea for them to help you fill in the form DLA or PIP as it is called now is getting much harder to get accepted for.
I wish you good luck and remember should they turn you down you can appeal against the decision. Regards Annette.


mward – I would use your worst day tempered by your average day. Do not use your best day as an example by any means. At the end of the day it’s all going to be evaluated as annette mentioned so you want to be sure to give them all the facts they need about what happens to you on a regular basis. I wouldn’t use that one-off thing that happened that one time, use things that happen routinely and particularly use things that can be evaluated by a doctor as you may be sent for an exam.



Thank you, ladies! I appreciate the help!