Mosquito Bites and Fibromyalgia

This last few weeks I have been struggling with mosquito bites.

Before this year, they weren't a big deal. I've had FM for several years, and this is a first...when I get bit, it swells up, and itches like crazy, and irritates an area around it of about 5 inches. And it takes about 2 weeks for the itching to stop. Got bit on my earlobe sometime this morning it has been swelling up and draining. what else, ugh! Miserable enough already. lol

I don't know if its a reaction to my fibromyalgia or maybe my meds. I started taking Ambien and Adderall the last two months?,

Anyone else have any problems with this?


with the swelling and draining i would see the doctor today you could have an infection keep us posted

Yeah, I think I'm going to have to see my doctor. I can use Benadryl on my skin, but can't take it, it keeps me awake, but puts in a trancelike state where I can't do anything. have 2 new ones today, one on my wrist is really irritated.

Guess ill call Dr and set up an appointment,

That is weird you brought this up. I am having the same issue. I get bit and it swells more than normal and takes a couple weeks to resolve and actually leaves a light scar. Never happened before. Maybe it is our meds?