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More pain

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to ask if anyone else gets this. I have had back/stomach pains for some time but lately it has gotten much worse. Down the right side from the waist and across the stomach and all across the back, it’s getting really bad. I have just tried a TENS machine but only used it twice, can it be that making it worse or just ‘bad luck’. I can only take paracetamol which doesn’t help. Will it eventually go away, or shall I just try and put up with it? I don’t know what to do.

Hi, SueT!
I am so sorry for your pain. I also suffer from pain all over my body, but my terrible stomach pain is usually associated with IBS, which many people with Fibro have.
I’ve posted a link, below, to an article that I just read, discussing the different types of fibromyalgia pain. Several paragraphs down, it references abdominal pain. Aside from IBS, some people do have abdominal/pelvic pain with Fibromyalgia.

Here is the link:

I do not know what can alleviate this type of pain, but there are nurses, moderators, and other fibro sufferers on this site that have offered amazing advice. I’m sure someone else will have ideas for you! Saying prayers that you will feel better soon!

Hi Aussiemom,
Thanks for your reply, will have a read of the site that you sent. What with my lower back ‘gone out’ again from the arthritis and the increased stomach (and everywhere) pain, I was thinking I was going crazy, or there was something else wrong that is worse. I shall just have to try and be more relaxed about it all, but when your stomach feels like it’s blowing up, it’s a bit hard to relax.
Take care, Sue.

Actually, just to be safe, have you made your doctor aware of how bad the stomach pain is, SueT? If your body is hurting, in a way that is different from other pain you’ve been experiencing, it is always best to see your doctor. I wish you better days ahead! :blush:

I told my doctor about all the extra pain back in January, and said that the fibro sometimes masks other things and she asked me what I thought it might be and I said maybe something to do with the liver or kidneys. She did do a blood test but nothing showed up. She wasn’t interested in getting a scan or anything else and now, with the virus messing things up, be lucky to get an apt with her. My stomach has settled down somewhat and my right side pain comes and goes so will see if things keep improving. If not will have to try to get apt I guess, and then be told it’s fibro/IBS which is all they say these days.

You know, if your right side pain gets severe, you might head to the emergency room to make sure it’s not appendicitis. Just a thought.
Stay safe & well, SueT!

That was another thing I asked the doctor about months ago, she wasn’t interested in that. If it did get too bad, then yes, I would go to A&E. Going to try coconut or other milk see if that makes a difference to the IBS, hopefully it will.

On stomach pains, when I have some discomfort, a little baking soda in little glass water does help.

Also I take digestive enzymes and probiotics.

And a routine of daily magnesium.

Thanks will try the baking soda and see if it helps. Has anyone tried a chiropractor for help with the back?

I’ve gone to chiros for 30-40 yrs and they saved me, also some good D.O. manipulation work as I had a great D.O. many yrs ago. Good massage always helps… I’ve done everything just about and no desire EVER to do back surgery.