Minnesota vs Arizona

I currently live in Minnesota and am considering moving to Arizona. Has anyone moved to Arizona and did it help your fibromyalgia? Is there a better area of Arizona to live, climate wise? Does anyone regret living in Arizona? I want to make a wise decision. This would be a huge move to an area that’s completely different than Minnesota. I do have family in Arizona.

I am living proof that moving to Arizona massively helped my fibro. We moved from Wisconsin five years ago and haven’t regretted a single moment. WI winters, cold, and then rain rain rain, and topped off by the summer humidity made life a living hell.
We live in a community northeast of Scottsdale. The dry heat has been magic. I went from pain daily to being able to hike, swim, walks and living like a normal human again. Yes… it has helped that much!!


Hi jrm,
great to hear that!
Has heat always been good for you, even before you went?
I react badly to heat and esp. sun. I can do quite a bit of prevention and alleviation of cold and rain. But in the sun I’m delivered…

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Hi jrm523! Thanks for responding. I’m having trouble finding an affordable apartment in a safe location because I’m on social security disability. I’m on several waiting lists. Have you had any issues with snakes, scorpions, tarantulas or and creepy crawly things? Like Wisconsin, I’m used to not having to watch out for anything venomous. :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :rat: :frog: :worm: :spider: :cockroach: :lizard: :fox_face: :scorpion:

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