Milestones In Life

Here is my latest blog post about milestones and what they can mean in our lives. Check it out at Let me know what you think.

Hi, Your blog page is beautiful! I enjoyed reading your blogs. Hugs.


I too enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you keep writing. I will check back every few days to see what's new!


Jackie S

Linniepies, your Blog was interesting and I think a wake-up call for many of us with chronic illnesses. Often it's hard to find the small things to be thankful for because we are often thrown into another pain flare. I agree with your comment about learning to accept our chronic illness is more important than constantly looking for a cure. It can have you jumping on several bandwagons claiming that a cure has been found. Many dollars later you realise it is no cure.

I think we need to look for and celebrate in our own lives the small things that make us smile or have us feeling happy for a time. It's what I call learning to cope with our illnesses. Sure we are forced to slow down and accept that we cannot do all the things we used to or we wanted to do when we retired, but living a slower pace we have time to bring some sunshine into another person's life.

Gentle hugs


Thank so much to each of you for taking the time to read this post. Rachel - I so agree with everything you said. Wishing each of you better days and Love and Hugs...