Mild fibromyalgia

Hi all,

im in the uk and i know things work a bit different over here so please bear with me.

Last week i attended the chronic pain clinic and was surprised that the consultant had the nerve to tell me that i have a mild case of fibromyalgia.If this is true then why can i not move some days due to the pain? I am by no means a wimp when it comes to pain,i had both my children without pain relief.

Some days the pain is unbearable and all i can do is cry.Is there such a thing as mild fibromyalgia because if this is mild then i truly dont know how people with severe fibro go on.

Hi Joanne, I’m in the UK too and yes things are very different here at times. I’ve been diagnosed with Secondary Fibro due to already having an autoimmune arthritis. Both have been diagnosed as “mild” but I don’t let that bug me anymore…to be honest you are the only one who can say how this condition affects you day to day. I’ve learnt not to attach any importance to the word mild. The only people who can say what its like to have this frustrating condition are those who have it.
Saying that…I’ve just been reading a book called Fibromyalgia up close and personal written by a doc that has fibro and found it quite informative, he gets IT, cos hes copes with it too.
I’ve found the best control is to become your own expert, makes me feel less adrift and more capable of getting on with my life.
Hope you feel better soon, and remember its ok to have days when you cry and grieve for the old you, just don’t have them all the time. X

Of course there are varying degrees of it as in any disease BUT how can any medical person diagnose you without all your medical information as well as not doing any tests?

It sounds very irresponsible to me and personally, i would not give them any heed. As they say' no worries' because he does not know what you have or how you really feel in few minutes.

Well, I've been told that my fibro - which was diagnosed in 2002 - is everything from mild to severe. I live in the U.S. in Florida. I've seen numerous doctors (also have an autoimmune disorder), and the only one who really acte like she cared was a doctor who's mother has fibro. The others don't seem to even want to hear about my fatigue or extreme pain. They don't care that I never sleep thru the night or have completely non-functional days. Cymbalta or the other so -called fibro drugs make me very sick. Like I have the flu. What natural remedies are worth trying? I know only the person in pain can judge the so-called level of someone's fibro.

Hi Joanne,

I am sorry the consultant said that to you, that seems very insensitive. Everyone's pain level is their own and shouldn't be given a blanket statement such as that. As mentioned in other posts, it has been my experience over the years that Fibro symptoms (for me) do evolve and change, sometimes better and sometimes worse (flare). Some of the symptoms I had more frequently when I was first diagnosed I seldom have anymore but I have newer symptoms instead. Again, I am sorry that person was insensitive. HUGS!!!!

Hi all ,I am in Australia and received my diagnosis just over a year ago ,after 9 yrs of hell ,i take Lyrica each day it helps some but i still have bad days . I am very pro active in my health care treatment as i have some knowledge ,source information as much as you can get ,and don't allow someone who doesn't know you to give an opinion ,it saddens me that we have people working in health care that are so unsupportive ,i am sorry this happened for you ...stay strong ,sending a hug


if you have a autoimmune disease, many of them do make you feel like you have the flu when they are active or you are pushing it. I have lupus with MCTD( just means i parts of many autoimmune diseases) and if i push my body too hard it first feels like flu. If i try to keep going it literally starts shutting down...i will faint or have major organ stop working as well.

If you feel like running low grade fevers best to rest or keep it slow at least and really listen to your body. Sun if you have SLE can even make you sick but again have Vit D much is coming out about Vit D levels being low with those with fibro and autoimmune diseases.


I was in rush to answer you and i hope i did not sound completely cold. My point is there is no way nor should that person make diagnosis without full exam and history plus some tests including blood and x rays at the least but really some others i can think of off top of my head. The very fact that any medical person would be so cold in front of group speaks greatly about their lack of caring about the patient plus greatly about their insensitivity!

I hope you can just let these remarks go and not take them as even slightly valid. It just really hurts our feelings to be taken so lightly like our pain does not matter or we are 'imagining' it. Women in general get hurt feelings if he has said this to an man, odds are the man would have called him in front of the class on what a jerk he is to makes such assumption. In fact there was recent study done about how most doctors believe men over women regarding their pain despite total evidence of very real serious pain in many of the woman.

So please start tomorrow over and realize that this guy is not worth any negative know how you feel, exactly how sick you are and only you can truly know it so believe and trust in yourself!! but i am sorry that you even had to deal with such unkind individual. Sometimes my friends and i would play a game thinking of things we wish we has thought to say in the moment... like wow! are you telepathic?!! else can you know how mild a case i have? Usually we end up laughing...which beats sad/negative feelings. So maybe few others can come up with smart things we all could say in same predicament since all of us have had idiot medical employees.