Sorry I have been MIA for awhile but have not been able to be here they came thursday from M2R and informed us we had to have our home all packed up and stored iinto the pods trhe provided for us by Monday . Suffice it to say with my husbands health problems and mine we are just now finishing that up . but it didint matter any way the volunteers havbe not arrived yet hope to see some by the weekend until they get our home fixed we will have too live in a camper lots of fun there lol. meanwhile the streess ,cold and packing has caused me soo much pain on top of ythat i seem to have an ear infection sore throat an general no feel good hope things can get better soon or that i can just make it thru

Hi Pebbles!

So good to hear from you! So sorry you have to go through all of this. We just never know what mother nature will bring! Sorry you live so far away, I would be good for bringing you a big pot of home made vegetable soup or something! Not worth a damned with the rest.

We are still waiting for the other bedroom to be finished, it looks like it was bombed, so I have a slight idea of your position. The only thing you can do is to get through it, and think of the finished product, my friend.

My Mom is sick with bronchitis, now my husband is getting it, we have both grandsons, hopefully they won't get it! Please stay well, do all you can for yourself. Just keep in mind that you all came through it unharmed, but for the stress, of course.

My good thoughts and wishes are with you,


Pebbles, my but that's short notice, indeed! I don't know how you managed to pack it all up that quickly. Let alone with health issues. I'm with SK, a big pot of soup sounds like a wonderful idea. Can you take Emergen C? I've heard people say it helps quite a bit with colds. Or maybe you should get yourself over to the doctor, to see if you need a prescription.

How long will it take M2R to rebuild your home? Or is it a case of however long it takes? Well, it'll be wonderful to have an intact home again after all of this, I'm sure. You must be so so SO eager to get it over and done with, by this point.

Please keep us updated on the progress. I don't know how long it takes to rebuild a place but I hope it's fairly quick so you can move back in and resume your lives.

Hi Pebbles, oh my gosh that sounds so incredibly stressful, take care of you !! Being sick on top of fibro & with that added stress of packing up… Ect… your going to need extra care in the stress reduction department !!! Try & get plenty of rest, & perhaps immune busters like zinc , echinacea & vit C would rescue you from this sore throat, but def. check in with your dr. As soon as you can, anytime I start a cold or sore throat I take my combo 3.rescue immune aids and bamm… Gone !!! Every time !
I will be thinking about you !!!
Huge hugs & blessings