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Metformin, insulin resistance and fibro

I was sent this article, and found it interesting.

I’m absolutely sure of the insulin resistance-fibromyalgia link in my case. However, when tested in the past, I don’t have a sugar problem. Yet, certain food (pizza, pasta) can render me unconscious for hours.
The article states that metformin helps with fibromyalgia pain. I wonder if any of you have experience with this drug?

Interesting, I read the article.

I was given Lyrica and then Metformin. I didn’t notice any difference with my pain levels, so I’m quite surprised about this article’s claim that it “significantly” lowered pain. Is it possible I would have worse pain without the Metformin?? Gosh, I hate to think it could be worse. In any case, I didn’t find it helped. Even the Lyrica only mildly reduced my pain.

It’s certainly an interesting finding. Do take note that it’s very preliminary, and that the sample size was quite low. It’s something to keep an eye out on, in terms of a larger controlled study.


I actually just started metformin. After I had read the original study, I sent it to my Doctor. Yes I have his email and he encourages me to send him medical articles on fibro. He’s a fantastic doctor. I have tried every meditation for fibro and the only thing that helps me even a bit is pain pills. I have been taking metformin for a week and am hopeful that it will work even if it’s 50 percent. It would make a big difference in my life. I know everyone’s reaction to medication is different but I am hoping that this one will work for me.

One of the most confounding things about fibro is how differently each person’s symptoms are, and how medications that work for one person, do nothing for the next.

I have had a Fibro diagnosis for 15 years. The only meds that work for me at all are Lyrica and Cymbalta in concert. When the pain is mostly bearable, I also use a Tens Unit. I find it very helpful for upper back and neck pain.

When the pain is really out of control (even on my meds) Nycenta is the only opioid type pain med that gives me any further relief.

I have found medical marijuana to be a non-starter and have tried various iterations of CBD and THC.

Massage feels good only while I am on the table…no lasting results.

Acupuncture was also a non-starter.

So, those are the meds and techniques that have (or haven’t) been effective in my journey.

I have been doing intermittent fasting to lower insulin levels naturally. Fasting glucose only gets high long after insulin levels are awry. If you have frequent hunger, insulin may be an issue. I took metformin. but it didnt help my fibro. Oxalates may also be at play. They are found in foods we think of as healthy, but can lodge into tissues and cause fibro symptoms.

Thank you all for the valuable information! I’ll be discussing this with my doctor next week. It is worth digging a little deeper. Right from the beginning, I thought this might have a metabolic source. Food has become my enemy. It is necessary, but it feels like poison. Plus, energy-wise, There is no difference between physical activity and mental activity- too much of either and I crash hard and long, like I had run a marathon without training for it. The biggest danger I face is getting my hopes up, only to have them dashed. That really takes a toll on my mental health.