Message and water theropy

Has anyone tried massage therapy or water therapy. I went to have a massage yesterday and I felt I was in heaven but to day my body feels like a Mac truck hit me again, doc said to get water therapy I am hoping that will work better.

Thanks the massage therapy felt so great until this morning. Woke up with headache and my lower back and shoulders killing me. I have a script for water PT and will look into it when I get home! In d c for work

Annette, I have not had a massage since my fibro got really bad but even when healthy and active, a massage would do that to me. It has something to do with the massage releasing the toxins (I am not sure if that is the right word) from your muscles, I think. That’s why they tell you to drink a lot of water after. Now I can’t afford massages but the idea of one at this point makes my skin crawl. Good luck with the water therapy. Let us know how it goes and I might try to get my doc to refer me.

Thanks maybe I need to stink morf water. As soon as I get home going to check on water PT.

No, don’t stink up the water! Drink the water. LOL

Yes I ment I will drink more water !!! And get the apt for the P T when I get home.