Merry Christmas To all my friends!

I would like to take this time to say without the support of this group and all you wonderful people who understand me when no one else does, I would be lost.i haven’t been on because I didn’t have Internet then my husband has been in and out of the hospital three surgeries on his foot just came home again on Thursday last week. Then I’ve been very depressed because I lost my job because of my health and we have no income at all so it’s been really rough but I couldn’t say thank you all for being there for me anytime I. Need a friend and I hope I do the same for all of you and I promise to be on here more because just writing I feel soooo connected and again Merry Christmas & Happy NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL AND I HOPE WE ALL HAVE BETTER HEALTH IN 2014 SOFT BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL MELISSA XOXOXOXOXOX

Merry Christmas Mel. I've thought of you many times. It's so good to hear from you!

Big Soft Hugs,


Mel. Sorry for all you are going thru right now. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Here is to a better year in 2014.

Jackie S.

Merry Christmas, Mel, glad to see you back online, been watching for you. Sorry you’'re going through such hard times right now. Hope the New Year is much better for you and your family.
Gentle a Hugs, B2chi

Thank you all my true Dear friends I hope you all had a great Christmas I wish I could say we did our son and law started a fight on Xmas eve went after my husband who can’t work and has a pick line in ran out of heat Xmas morning feel like my life is falling apart so fast and don’t know what to do at this point but stay under my blankets because I can’t do it no more then. My step daughters kids that are her four of them are out of control and it affects the two grand kids we are raising my poor son comes home for winter break and he can’t handle being in this house with these people my husbands two daughters have done everything to break us up and my health not good at all and has to do with stress we tell my stepdaughter and family to leave but they have no where to go no car no money please any advice because I just don’t want to face life no more and now no job no income please help me with. Advice thank you all love you all hugs mel