Meet Kori!

Will be after the start of the new year before she can come home. She is 1/2 Lab and it shows - she is all black, except for that little tiny smudge of white on her neck.

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OMG - She’s adorable!!! :blue_heart: Did you say she’s only a week or two old right now? How big do they think she’ll get when she’s grown? I’m so excited for you, StrugglininKs!!!

She is a week and 2 days today and has doubled in size in that time. Being that she is 1/2 Lab, 1/4 Rottweiler and 1/4 Heeler, she will be fair sized. I am guessing she will probably be about 24" high, give or take, as that is about how tall mom and dad are, but she could be bigger too. She isn’t the biggest of her litter (one of her brothers takes that honor :slightly_smiling_face: ) but she would probably be in the top 3 or 4.

Right now she is roughly 2 #, which means she weighs nearly as much as my cat who at 6 months is 3#. And when I bring her home in 7 or 8 weeks she will probably weigh about 1/2 of what Tina does now (she is 30#).

It is amazing how fast they grow! She will be home, taking care of mama, before you know it! (Well, after you take care of her for a while, first, of course!) How great that you are getting her while she’s little. Puppies are so much fun, and they really bond with you when you’re the only home they’ve known. I’m sure you can’t wait! :dog:

Not sure how big she will get, given the mix in her. Heelers average about 40#, while Rottweilers tend to be around 100#, Labs are somewhere in between at about 65-70#. I would guess given the Lab and Rottweiler in her, and based on her mom and dad’s size, that she will probably get to be around 60-70 #.

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I’m so happy for you! Puppies are so cute. My dog Max is sleeping on my lap right now. He weighs 7 pounds and is maybe 9 years old??? I adopted him a year ago last August. He makes a great emotional support dog. Very excited for you!

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Is it naptime yet? This growing is hard work! I am almost 4 weeks old now and about 4 1/2-5 pounds.


What a sweet puppy! She’s wonderful!!!

Wow, Struggling! She has really grown! You must send another pic when you get her home. I can’t wait to hear more about your sweet furbaby! :purple_heart:

I was really struggling earlier today, physically and emotionally and spent some time shedding more than a few tears. Right in the middle of my good cry I got this picture - Kori sending puppy hugs. I think she is right at 5 weeks now. Only 3 more weeks and she can come home. I am hoping I will have enough saved in the next couple of weeks that I can get her vest ordered.

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Here is another one I just got. Check out that one blue eye! She is 5 weeks today and 8 pounds!
kori 4

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She’s adorable! She only has one blue eye??? What color is her other eye?

Yea, she only has one eye that is blue, her other eye is a very dark brown or black. She has a brother that has 2 blue eyes, all the rest of the puppies have the dark eyes.

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Hi, Struggling!
LOVE LOVE LOVE your puppy pics!!! :blush:She’s SO adorable!!!
When do you get to bring her home?

She will get to come home in 19 days! I think I have everything ready, except for her food and her service dog vest. The food I am waiting till I pick her up, the vest is trickier. The money I was setting back for it, I may have to use for an upcoming bill since I had some orders back out on me. Hopefully though I will be able to order it this week yet.

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She is a very lucky pup to have you for a mom, Struggling! :hugs:

I think I am going to be the lucky one. When I saw her about a week before Christmas I was having a really rough day with the upcoming holidays and all. When the friend I am getting her from brought her out and I took her, Kori just melted against me and laid her head on my shoulder, against my neck. It was like she was telling me “It’s ok mamma, we got this!” then after a few seconds she raised her head and gave me big puppy kisses and then laid her head down again.

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Wow - She is already being your therapy animal, and she’s not even home yet! The ability of our fur-babies, to comfort & calm us, is incredible. :purple_heart:

OH MY HEART! :heart_eyes:

What an absolute darling! You mean you can breathe puppy breath?

There are very few things as good for mental health as pets, dogs especially. Lucky lucky you! (And smart you too!) And lucky Kori: she’s one lucky dog!

Seenie from ModSupport

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