Meds question

Doc prescribed Tylenol#3 for pain as needed. Thought it was an unusual choice. Anyone else use it? How did it work for you?

I haven’t heard of using Tylenol 3 for Fibro pain. Please do let us know if it helps.

Hi Sam. I know my doctor tried me out on several meds in the NSAID family that Ibupofin is in but they didn't knock out the fibro pain. I believe that fibro pain is from the nerves and requires meds that target that area.

Oh shoot, wait, you're taking Tylenol 3 for fibro pain? That kind of sounds like using a bird's feather to move a bowling ball. How is it working out for you? I am quite interested to know. I hope it helps. But don't lose faith if it doesn't, as there are other meds your doc may try.

Hugs, Petunia

Yes my Doctor prescribed it for me and three days later I went back and told her we need to try something else. She put me on Norco and it was a much better choice for me.
I find any med impacts you to be constipated so you should change your diet. Before I had tramadol and tried that for a while but did not do much to help with the pain.

I have used the Tylenol 3 once so far. Didn't help much. Made me sleepy. I am trying a new doc in July so I think unless I get a bad flare I will wait til then. I don't know if it's worth trying to get something different from the current doc with a new doc appt coming up.