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Medicinal marijuana


Has anyone out there used / uses medicinal marijuana for fibromyalgia pain?

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I have used medical marijuana off and on for two years. It helps a little but I don’t like the fact that I have to be careful when I use it because it fogs up my thinking a bit. I use it when I am really feeling uncomfortable from fibro.

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Thank you for answering my question, Judy.

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Hi Brooke1, This flare started the beginning of Feb and continues with the every week snow storms and extreme cold. But, I have discovered CBD water and it helps a lot, and does not induce fibro fog. But, I don’t drive with it. I refuse to take narcotics pain pills. I was diagnosed in 1994 and learned that those pills just increased the fog and the pain came back with a vengence. Tylenol does me good if I catch the pain early.

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Thanks Barb. What is CBD water?


Does the place you get it from have the patches?? They offer the relief without the “high”


CBD, when derived from commercial hemp has no THC in it so there is no high and it is safe to drive. I get just the oil and put 4 to 6 drops under my tongue to help control my pain. I’ve found that if I do this twice a day it minimizes many flare ups, even through the fluctuating weather we have been having.


Hi Brooke - I’ve been using CBD (cannabidiol, the component in cannabis that does not make you high) at night before I go to bed, and it helps with sleep. For me, getting a good night’s sleep is an important factor in controlling my fibro pain. Not to say I don’t get flares from time to time, but CBD is one of the weapons in my arsenal, along with a balanced diet, low-impact exercise (I have a stationary bike), and tramadol for bad days and migraines. CBD can be found in many forms including edible “candies,” oils you put in drinks or under your tongue, and waters. I live in Oregon, where it’s easy to purchase cannabis products. I do recommend CBD for sleep. Hope this helps in some way!

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Thank you for responding. I’ve used 2 different brands of CBD oil 6 drops twice daily and unfortunately it didn’t help. So I’m still looking. I have an appointment at Oschner Hospital in New Orleans with a rheumatologist at the end of a April, so I eagerly await that👍


Thank you, Aiki! I use Trazadone for sleep and it works well. I just started on Gabapentin and it also is good for insomnia, but unfortunately it doesn’t help the fibromyalgia pain. I’ve only been on it for about 10 days so maybe it takes a while to kick in.

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I have tried CBD/THC off and on. THC makes me very hungry and sleepy. CBD helps with anxiety, but not the pain. It effects everyone differently, so I would suggest at least trying it.

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 I found that the nanoi-infused CBD oil works better than others because when put under the tongue it's small enough particles to go straight into the blood stream.  I do know that it doesn't work for everybody.  
Another thing that has helped me is geranium oil.  I would make bath salts with it and have relief for a good night's sleep.  Unfortunately after losing my leg it's not easy taking a bath.  Doesn't work quite as well in a massage oil.

Hi Brooke, I’m on the medical marijuana program for fibromyalgia because I have multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome also and the traditional cymbalta and other pain meds cause too many negative many side effects. I use CBD oil capsules some have mild amounts of THC which help with mood and some are just CBD . My Rheumtologist recommendations are to try products with CBN also , as well as the ones with THC and CBD- he said they are seeing good results with this. I have a cream called Mary’s Medicinal that has CBD & feels like bio freeze works great . There’s edibles that are good like cookies ect . I also smoke marijuana it relieves pain for many people and all the products I mentioned come in different strains sativa is more uplifting/ indica more sedative but they all come in different strengths so if you are going to work or having a terrible flare you dose accordingly. There’s good information on many of the dispensaries web sights. There is also information on Leafly about cannabinoids & how it works with our body’s own cannabinoid receptors. Anyway I’d say it’s worth a try if your able to try it . For me it’s a lot better than heavy narcotics for pain and helps with my depression and depending on the strain can either help you rest or be more uplifting . Education and speaking with your medical team can help you decide if it’s right for you.


Don’t know what happened with that last post.
Nano-infused CBD oil is broken down into smaller particles so that when placed under the tongue it goes straight into the blood stream.
I all used geranium oil. I made bath salts with them and would get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately after losing my leg getting into the bath tub isn’t easy and it doesn’t work as well in a massage oil.


Yes, I have, and it has worked to some degree, especially for going to sleep while I have pain. That’s worth something.

May I mention two things which changed my existence while living with fibro pain? Not all things work for everybody, but I can vouch (LOUDLY) for these two.

•Gluten-free diet. I pondered this awhile, because, well, gluten free foods are delicious. But, I’ve now been gluten free for a year as of March 1, and I’m so much better. It took about 5 weeks for the difference to happen, but I’m SO GLAD I stuck with it. Very little body pain, which is huge. I usually take 8-hr Tylenol plus Celebrex in the mornings, which takes care of the little pain I may have left over. As much as I love all glutinous goodies, I’d never go back.

•Magnesium Malate supplements, 3 x a day. I was reading a pretty credible article on various things which seem to have a good effect on fibro patients, and they are based, as I understand it, the mitochondrial deficiencies in fibro patients’ cells. A woman’s comment on how it helped her somehow seemed very credible, and I thought, seems worth a try. It helped her muscle fatigue, and her brain fog. In about three days, I was shocked to find how I could climb a flight of stairs or walk down an airport terminal without feeling like I had run up all those stairs like Rocky did to that anthem. The muscle burning that could lead to cramps and worse was gone.

Now, if I’m active during the day (an impossibility before this) I can tell when I ought to have my mid-day supplement because my muscles will start to fatigue again. I want to shout this from the rooftops, but aren’t we all tired of so-called miracles?

If anybody’s interested, let me know, and I’ll give you the link.

Well-wishes for you all. :purple_heart:


Thanks, I will look into patches.

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It didn’t really work much for me and vaping caused bad coughing. I stopped. Neither the THC or the CBD were worth the expense and hassle.


Yes, I’ve done THC and CBD types for pain and sleep issues. I do edibles for sleep, and they are actually more effective for me than any prescription sleep aid I’ve had (and I’ve tried just about everything, sadly). The downside to using edibles, I usually make my own, and they are the THC kind, so I’ll eat a brownie or caramel, then tootle off to sleep. When I wake up 3 hours later for my usual 3 a.m. bathroom break, I forgot I had a weed brownie, and wonder, “Why am I staggering around, high AF??? With dry mouth?”

I can only do CBD marijuana during the day time, and it is ok for certain types of body pain. Headaches/migraines – completely ineffective for me. Body pain – just as good as Tramadol, IMO. If I do the THC types of weed during the day, you might as well put on Led Zeppelin, and watch me giggle while I try to fold laundry, then drool while I nap on the sofa. (this really happens – my boyfriend thinks it’s hilarious. “You licked the bowl after you made brownies, didn’t you?”)

I’m in Oregon, so I just grow what I need, which is handy. I’m a grown woman, over 50, and I don’t wear tie-dye. :slight_smile:


Hi Brooke,
I have tried, more than once, CBD as well… zero help for the pain; at least for me. However; it definitely helps with anxiety, which for me can increase quite a bit during fibro flares, so that’s something. ***I should clarify: the CBD helps with my anxiety.
Good luck!


I live in Missouri where medical marijuana was recently approved. So recently that doctors aren’t able to prescribe it till June. My doctor said he would for me. From what I understand, it gives us the right to grow it until we have dispensaries in place. My question, if it’s ok to ask, is how do you start growing it yourself? I have Fibro, degenerative disc disease, arthritis and a few other things. I also had gastric bypass, hoping losing weight would ease some of the joint pain but had numerous complications from the surgery. I lost 95 lbs so far though so there’s that, but because of the surgery I can’t take medications that are delayed or extended release because my body doesn’t process them so I’m limited on some medications. I’ve tried tramadol, trazodone, gabapentin, baclofen, cymbalta, tizanadine… Maybe some others but got more relief from marijuana than anything.