Medications, pain, and vibrations

I have tried lyrica and Cymbalta and neither have worked for me. I have been on numerous nsaids and they have started another. None of them have worked either. I am very frustrated. Pain in my shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, bottom of my feet when I wake up. My wrists and ankles at times. I am exhausted all the time. I'm going to go watch my son race tomorrow and it will take me days to recover. I am currently taking celebrex with no relief. Does anyone one have vibration sinsations in there body like a cell phone going off. I can feel it but no one else can. I know I have asked a lot of questions...I am new to the sight and very frustrated with my pain and my life.

I hope your son does good tomorrow. I have not had the vibrations but I have muscle spasms and have little knots pop up all the time. This is a place to ask questions there are never to many and people learn from each other. That's what we are here for.

I have the little knots also. Do your feel bruised?

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Do you mean the vibrating feeling almost like having tiny carbonated bubbles bouncing around in you? Trembling that can't be seen that can be felt? Yeah, I've recently started getting it, too. It's a fibro thing. Although I'm not a doctor so not trying to make diagnoses for you.

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I hope all is well tomorrow and you DON'T end up sore for days and days. What race is he running in? Hopefully nothing down around Florida, where it's still pretty hot. And I hope he does well!

I'm kind of wondering if the drugs aren't helping with the fibro if something else could possibly causing the pain? Were you checked for auto-immune illnesses? Some of them mimic fibro pain. It must be terribly difficult with no pain relief yet! Some doctors prescribe stuff like Vicodin for the pain. Many of them won't anymore, as they're too afraid of the government coming and taking their licenses away. Also, have you tried a pain clinic? Sometimes you can relief from them through cortisone shots or other methods.

Some people here use Epsom salts with a warm bath, even including some lavender scent to make things more peaceful and soothing.

I like over-the-counter pain patches, Salon Pas. I stick a bunch on in the painful area. They tend to soothe the worst of my pain.

And ice packs! I have some on me right now. Girl's best friend!

I hope that some of this may help you out.



Oh my gosh. So weird, the vibrations. It is so crazy to hear someone else talk about it. I will be reaching for my phone in my pocket and see it lying on the table. It is such a strange sensation. I have all of the same pains as you. I will love to talk more soon. I just logged on real quick b4 bed. Got to work tomorrow. ttyl. Goodnight.

I too suffer with the 'vibration sensation' I get it fairly regularly and I find it really disturbing.... to me it almost feels like I've been using a 'pneumatic drill' - not that I ever have!!!!! but my whole body is affected, my hands/fingers especially.

It seems to occur most severely when I'm having a flare.

It's horrible, it's invisible, but it's very real.


I don't "have vibration feelings" more like little tingling in my face and across the top of my head and ears. I too have been through a litany of drugs and I'm still walking around in pain. Not bad enough to stop walking but not getting fixed either.

I'm sorry you are hurting... * virtual hugs*

I wonder if your doctor would prescribe an additional antidepressant. When mine added a low dose of Zoloft, the depression finally got better.

Yes,I have the little vibration bubbles, what the heck is that…I also feel the vibrations from a vehicle, it is worse in a diesel vehicle, and then I pay for it for the next week or so.

I got my dr to perscribe LDN but he has me taking in the morning and I have done some research that says to take it at night. This is the first he has used this for chronic pain. I have noticed my muscels are sore for a lack of better terms. Just wondering if you had any information that could help me. Thanks. JILL

Im new to this site too. But I have that happen to me all the time. I have even checked my cell phone before.

I know about the frustration too. I have been having way more bad days here lately than good ones. I live right near the beach and this last week a tropical depression has been lingering off the coast. Ugh!