Good morning. I have extreme muscle pain especially in both legs. But it is all over. I am right now on no meds. Has anyone ever been put on plaquenil for fibro? My doctors keep telling me I have autoimmune along with fibro. Have the symptoms but the bloodwork is always good? Anyway any ideas on medications would be great. Thanks. Cindy

Hi Cindy

I have been on plaquenil for years i have lupus it takes awhile to get in your system. You also have to have your eyes check to take it. It is usually one of the first meds they start for lupus. It is an antimalary drug. If you go to the search box at the top and put in plaquenil it will take you to the discussions posted before their are some good links on the i just caint get my phone to work right this morning to post them for you webmd also has some good info an it. A lot of dr will start you on a antidepressant and a muscle relaxer to start.

Hey Cynthia,

I have never been put on this particular medication (though I feel as though I have been put on everything else), but if you are looking for a good muscle relaxant to help with spasming in your legs I would recommend Soma. It has been really really helpful for me, and I have found once the muscles are able to relax more that the pain reduces quite a bit. Just a little warning, Soma does have the side effect to make you really drowsy so I wouldn't take it if your planning on doing something physical at that moment.

Hope this helps a little.

Blessings and prayers

Hi Cindy! Never been on the plaquenil but as your other commenters have said, there are many to try and it's trial and error before you hit on a good combination. Good ole Motrin 800mgs can go a long way to help with the pain of inflammation. That and Norco 10mg might give you 5/6 hours of relief. I can't recommend some of the other "Fibro" meds because most did not work for me or had side effects that I couldn't tolerate.

Because of other medical issues I take Morphine, Neurontin, Requip(for restless legs), Klonopin, Amitriptyline, Cymbalta and tons of supplements as I was just diagnosed with a failing adrenal system from years of stress related to our "Fight or Flight" responses. I have burned mine out, it's taking a toll on me right now. Can't quite get control over anything. Everyone is watching me like a hawk. Don't know why, I just feel like crap.

Read what the other members have tried and take a list to your doctor. With Autoimmune problems your doctor should keep a close eye on any symptoms you present with. Autoimmune is rampant in my family and it seems like everytime I turn around I hear the term with relation to yet another illness.

Keep up on your vitamins/supplements. We are immune to nothing anymore so try to keep living as healthy of a lifestyle as you can...that helps tons!

Be sweet to yourself Cindy! Hope to hear soon that you are making headway.

PeacenLove~Always~Laurel aka Northwoods G-Ma

Well, lets see, I'm not a doctor and do not advise on any of these meds. But if you browse through many of our discussion forums you may see what other members are taking. I am not on any yet but I want to try one of them to start. :-) Something to try and at least ease the pain.

If you click on the discussion Savella, you can read what others have said about their experiences. and if you scroll down to the bottom of the main discussion page you will see that there are thousands of pages to browse through. But if you click on the 4th page there are multiple discussions with names of medications along with the members experience with them.

Here is a link I've already shared in one of the discussion forums.

Hope you find what you are looking for.


and I hope your pain will go away too. I think there is hope around the corner for all of us.