Medication making pain worse

Has anyone had their medication make the pain even worse? When I am one all my medications it seems to make the pain flare more often and more painful as well. This is not all the time though but enough to well drive me even more batty. Also the meds cause a tension like pain that rolls up and down my spine. For me this is the worst pain that I face. It hurts like hack and none of the meds seem to do a darn thing for it. Does anyone else get this tension type pain? The only way I can seem to fight it is to take meds to know me out.

Oh and yes I have talked to my Doctor about it. So far he has increased my gabapentin and Cymbalta


Hi Homais, I suggest you start a pain journal in case you haven't already. Write down the time you take the meds and then write down how you feel after. By tracking it on paper for a few days maybe you will find a correlation. Also write down what you were doing at the time you experienced the pain. Then you can share with your MD. Sometimes meds can cause side effects of pain that usually subside after a few weeks. However, sometimes side effects don't go away but only your doctor and you can determine what is the best treatment plan. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. Hugs.