Medication and liver damage

So I had suffered with Fibromyalgia for 15 years at least before I was diagnosed. My main medication was 800mg Ibuprofen every 4 hours to take the pain away. Now my dr is concerned that the ibuprofen has taken a toll on my liver. Once he gave me my diagnosis he prescribed malixocam. When that didn’t take care of it he put me on a fentanyl patch. With the history out of the way. I will be coming off the fentanyl in July so I can get my left knee replaced. Once my orthopedic Dr returns care back to my pain dr I would like to get on some medication that will help ease the pain but not cause damage to my liver. With the millions of people who suffer with this I can not be alone in the fact my liver has been compromised. Any ideas? My primary care physician is attempting to come up with something that can help with the fatigue any idea in this? I will always be worried about the damage to liver any suggestions on either question. I am really at my wits end

Hello Sarah,
I’m so sorry to hear that your going through liver problems. I don’t have anything wrong with my liver or kidney Thank God! I pray that you find something that will help with your pain and not mess with your liver. I’m on Tramodal and Lyrica. And Celebrex for arthritis. But I’m not really sure if you can take any of those or not. I guess you can ask your doctor. But I pray that you do fine something that will give you relief. Because being in pain is something awful. You have a blessed and wonderful day! Keep me posted if you find something that helps you. And I pray that you have a speedy recovery from your knee replacement surgery. Take care!

Shirley :revolving_hearts:


Your pain doctor should be able to discuss the options for your medication and the effects on your liver. I have liver problems and we discussed diet and meds she thought would be best.
Fatigue is a big problem for me. My rheumatologist recommended yoga. I also got a new mattress for my bed and it helped. I hope your knee surgery goes well.


Hi Sarah,

I have had Fibro for approximately 8 years but I was diagnosed when I first started getting the symptoms. Yes Ibuprofen is horrible for your liver. I had a heart and kidney transplant and I was told to stay away from Ibuprofen and motrin. They were both known to be very hard on your organs. Drs prescribe it to people but its one of those things you should never take long term especially the big milligrams. I am also on a fentanyl patch but I am attempting to get off that now and just go on Oxycotin. I’m already on 5mg of Oxycodone 3 times a day. I’m coming off the patch to take Oxycotin which in case people don’t know the difference, the Oxycotin is a longer lasting medication. Oxycodone is just for every 4 hours or so. The cotin is suppose to replace the fentanyl. With the way fentanyl is getting abused these days, I just don’t want it in my home and on hot days I swear it just absorbs faster and makes me sweat then I’m hot and sleepy.

My recommendation is to get off Ibuprofen immediately. There are other medications out there like narcotics that are less harsh on the organs. There are many different narcotic types. A medication out there that is common is Tramadol. Ultram is the generic name for it. It just got classified as a narcotic I think. My partner has been on it for 20 years I think. It works for some people long term. I was on it myself for a bit. Take a deep breath. You will find something. It’s nerve racking to think of organ damage but hopefully getting off the ibuprofen you will find something else. Stay positive. :slight_smile:

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