Living With Fibromyalgia - Online Support Group

Medical and Mental Health Emergencies


Because we are all patients first, including our volunteer Moderators, no one here has the credentials to give you any type of medical advice, and we are not equipped to handle any emergencies.

Ben's Friends is a community of patient-guided support groups. It is not meant to be a source of emergency help. Due to the type of community this is, there are many times that there won't be a Moderator available. The Mods will always respond to messages left for them as soon as they are back on.

~~If you have a MEDICAL emergency, please call your doctor, or go to your local emergency room.

~~If you have a MENTAL HEALTH emergency, please go to your local emergency room, or call:

~~For US VETERAN related crisis, please go to the emergency room, or call:

  • Veteran Crisis Line: 800-■■■■■■■■


Renie & SK


That hotline is manned by professionals who can really help people! :)


they r great people i have used them a few times.


So true! A good number to keep. You never know when you or a loved one might benefit from it.