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Mediator Release Testing (food sensitivities not allergies)


I learned about this because it is performed at the therapy center upstairs from my gym. Here is the link to the lab that actually performs the testing: http://nowleap.com/

They take 4 tubes of blood and send it off to the lab, which tests 150 common foods and chemicals for reaction. It is NOT allergy testing, this is a lower level and a different reactor. The results are sent back to your nutritionist, who designs a plan for your food going forward, and there are counseling sessions to keep you on course and monitor progress and help solve issues.

This process is not covered by my health insurance and it is expensive (~ $500). I do not know if anyone’s health insurance covers it or if it is available everywhere across the country.

I am one month into LEAP [here is the link to the page that explains the dietary changes part of it: http://nowleap.com/leap/]. It is a different way of eating and I am not saying it is easy. I have stopped eating foods I have had my whole life and learning how to cook and eat foods that are different, at least for my experience.

Here’s the thing: My symptoms, both gastro AND fibro are down more than 50%!!! It is amazing and I am so thankful.

Just to be clear: on May 1st, if the house had been on fire, there were days that I would have burned with the house because I could not have moved to go outside. I started learning to eat and cook differently and with a VERY restricted food list on May 27. Today is July 2nd and I am not exaggerating, more than 50% better.

I add another “new” food every couple of days and watch for reactions. I keep a diary of date/time/foods/notes & symptoms to review with my nutritionist at every appointment. It is not easy - the paper part is tedious. But the results are worth it, so worth it!

Plus, I am sleeping better every night and getting really good rest, waking around sunrise feeling good.

Please look into it and see if this is available in your area and try to do it if you can possibly afford it. I cannot tell you how much lighter my heart is now that my symptoms have lifted so much! And how much worry lifted from my husband, also.