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My name is Gina. I live in England and i am 20 years old but feel like i am 50.

It all started when i was almost 15, I fell onto my knee on a hard surface, which ended up tearing the cartilage (very painful) I had many doctors appointment, Physiotherapy and many Pain killers. Eventually they diagnosed me as having syratic arthritis (Don't know how to spell it) which later turned out to be a false diagnoses But i learnt to live with the fact my knee or life would never be the same.

As the years went on slowly conditions started unfolding, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Asthma, Migraines, Depression started, Stomach problems (which landed me in hospital for a week), IBS and many more.

As the doctors began realising how much of a strain all of these doctors appointments, and the pain were causing me they started to look into the causing of all this. I was diagnosed when i was 19 after the doctor giving me false hope that it might have been something else.

All of this made the depression worse as i realised it was no longer something that would maybe go away in the future. I started to believe i would never get better and slowly giving up on life waisting my days lying in bed, or watching TV, never leaving the house. I just thought this was the end no point in living anymore, obviously no one knew what i was thinking no one even knew i was depressed or what i was going through, I felt like i had the weight of the world on my shoulders with no one to confide in, not even my best friend.

Everyone noticed changes in me I was no longer out going and bubbly i was shy and quite so much to the point i began pushing friends and family away, So no one would ever be able to see me weak.

I eventually started letting people in and explaining how depressed i was and how i just wanted to give up. Everyone tried to help but unfortunately no one understands what i am going through.

I started Hypnotherapy to see if maybe it would help, I am still carrying this on but i am afraid it is not helping and i am just going down hill again. I feel like i am at the bottom of a cliff and overtime i get a little bit higher up towards the sunshine and happy place, I just get pushed back down to start again. I just can't stop thinking maybe it would be easier if i gave up all together? It is just too difficult daily tasks are a strain. How do I cope?

Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated as I have no one else to turn to..



Gina, Welcome. Please introduce yourself by reposting this and any subsequent posts on our main boards. Our Blogs feature will be closing soon and I would like you to get adequate responses.


Gina, don’t give up! I understand how hard it is and how isolated you feel. I’ve been sick with FMS for 12 years and have a pretty sever case. I experience high pain, fatigue and all the other symptoms that come along with a fibromyalgia diagnosis. It’s so important to have a support system. Allow your family to help you, allow your close friends to support you. Find a councilor you can talk to. I have one and they can help you cope. Talk to your doctors and share all your symptoms. Try different things such as natural path, exercise when u can. I walk with my dog a few times a week. Research as much as you can to understand what your body is telling you and why you have the symptoms you have. Just keep yourself current on the meds out there that help FMS. Talk to your doctor about what he/she can do to help with medications and/or advise. Just never give up! Your welcome to reach out to me here and I’m happy to help all I can. Good luck sweetie and hang in there!


Knowing you're not alone in this, sometimes helps.. I'm also 20 and I've been through a long, hard journey already. Getting a chronic illness is so overwhelming, especially if you're yet so young and you're supposed to build up a life. And no one has the right answer for you how to cope in this situation, because everyone is different and reacts different.
But I find it helpful to go to a therapist, he/she can help you find a copingstyle that works best for you. I recommend getting a therapist who's kinda specialized in chronic illnesses though. Or you can talk to your doctor if you trust him enough!

Just don't give up, I know how hard it may be.. I really hope you find some little bits of happiness everywhere, even though they're small. Keep holding on sweetie, we'll be here to support you!


i had that happen to me. but i did find a way out. if you stay in the chat room you will find all sorts of friends. this room helps me cope because others know what you are going through.