Living With Fibromyalgia - Online Support Group

Matthew Lanum


Hi Fellow sufferers

I would like to tell you about the information I have come across that might lead to help

If you google Matthew Lanum fibromyalgia you will come up with what I believe is possibly very close to what the occurrence of fibro does to us

The other thing I would like to ask is - has any women noted that their fibro has occurred after giving birth - I am 70 now and the flare ups get worse as I age

I have traced the beginning of mine back to when I gave birth to my last child, which mostly laid sideways and consequently pushed apart two vertebra which was not diagnosed until back pain began four years later when the pain that was caused from this got so bad

After going to the doctor and telling him "Im sick but I don't know why" and had every test which is available nothing showed

I live everyday with pain or other symptoms which has made me retreat from the world and I'm now a "Social Recluse." I have retreated from family and friends but was lucky enough to have a wonderful doctor aged 76 now but between us we have looked at many causes for different symptoms

I am in Australia so have had no contact with Matt Lanum, but I think that the answers are in this article hence the reason I have referred it to you, but I am particular leaning to the symptoms from giving birth

Best of Luck