I am taking 150mg of Lyrica twice daily. I also take pravastatin for high cholesterol and Nabumetome for osteoarthritis. I’ve had GAD since my teen years and have been medicated for anxiety and depression numerous times in my life.

So my adrenal glands and I are well acquainted. Oral report in school-squirt; send a meal back at a fancy restaurant- squirt; confront anyone over…anything- squirt; fire employee- squirt; kids away from me more that a couple hours- squirt; kid got drivers license-SQUIRT; have to get the attention of a room full of 5th & 6th graders- squirt. You get the idea. All things, big and small, have been known to cause my brain to start the ‘fight or flight’ response by pushing a dose of adrenaline into my bloodstream.

But lately I’ve got nothing. Even when my husband fell off his motorcycle I had no adrenal response. I was scared but had no physical signs. (Hubby is fine, BTW). So naturally, I talked to my Dr. She says Lyrica works on the nervous system to ‘dampen’ nerve responses, so maybe it’s causing this lack of anxiety.

I’m conflicted. This is the first time in my whole life I can genuinely say I don’t give a f*ck. But It feels wrong. It feels like I’m not me. I get great pain relief from the Lyrica and do not want to give it up, but also can’t imagine my life entirely adrenaline free.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this with Lyrica?


I don’t have an answer for you.
I wanted to let you know that I read your post & maybe someone who takes Lyrica like you do, might come on here later tonight or tomorrow & give you his/her insight. Light & Love. M


I was on lyrica for nerve damage in my face right after it came out, before it was even a controlled me, so like 12 years ago and it definitely made me not give a flying f*ck. It was so bad I didn’t even care about the other side effects I was having on it and my husband had to tell me to get off the med. I simply didn’t care, I didn’t even care that it wasn’t really working for the pain.



I have been trialled on all sorts of meds and Lyrica was the WORST.
That “I don’t give a f*ck” feeling was extreme, almost like a disassociation from the world around me. As for pain management I didn’t get any great relief from it, personally I’d rather stay with the opiates. Sure they have their own side effects, but I know the effects and can manage them myself. With the Lyrica I was switched off, in a constant fog of yuck. Just awful. I spoke to my dr and pharmacist about their effect and was told “…well, we’re not real sure how they work. But for some they work well, where for others they don’t…” It seems I’m in the ‘don’t’ category.

If you do not feel comfortable taking them I’d be recommending you talk to your dr about other options.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


It made my depression and suicidal ideation much worse. Years ago, when I was on zoloft, I had that reaction. I didn’t get happy or sad or upset anymore. I just felt numb and It really bothered me after a while so I stopped it. Can’t say I felt depressed anymore, though. :wink:


Thanks for responding! It’s great to know I’m not the only one. I will have to talk to Dr. again if it gets worse. We discussed what my other options are the other day but right now none of them seem better than this. I work at an elementary school so taking more opiates than my as needed Ultram, wont work for me. Gabapentin was okay, but once I hit the 1500 mg a day level I started having cognitive issues that I couldn’t live with.

As always, I feel like a very delicate chemistry experiment. One drop too little of this and one drop too much of that and the whole thing goes to hell. :\


Hey Zananne,
That feeling ‘like a very delicate chemistry experiment.’ is not uncommon at all. I have been used as a ‘pharma guinea pig’, being trialled on all sorts of concoctions for years. Eventually I just gave up on the pharmas having any great options other than opiates. For me they work enough to manage and still function. When the medicos have no idea on how these drugs work, it really makes me wonder how they past all the rigorous testing to be sold to the public. For this reason I stuck with the opiates as the lesser of all evils.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


I’m on Lyrica 75 mg twice a day and I consider it a wonder drug. Mostly it has taken care of the fibro fog and the insomnia. Unlike you, I’m finally able to remember what I’m doing and concentrate at work. Sorry you’re having this reaction. Maybe a lower dosage would be okay.


I agree, Nancy. A lower dose may be better. I take 100 mg Lyrica at bedtime as well as 60 mg deluxetine so that i can get a good nights rest. I used to take 50 mg three times a day. But over time, I reduced that to just 50 mg at bedtime and had to increase that for sleep. I stopped taking it during the day so that I could function at work. I had that groggy forgetfulness with it. So, it’s perfect for sleep. I don’t take anything for pain during the day. once I am no longer working, that will probably change. I use distraction a lot at work so that the pain doesn’t overwhelm me. I get to sit a lot, but need to get up and move around after about a half hour. I have osteoarthritis and the deluxetine helps with the neck pain while I sleep. I don’t wake up as often.
Anywho, I hope you figure it out and get some help. not all meds are for all people. My doctor won’t prescribe opiods because of what the literature says about it with those with FM, but I have heard of a lot of people having great help with them. I have a fear of the addiction aspect of it. But like I told my mom before she died that if you need it, take it. There will come a day when I won’t turn down better meds. For now, I do what I can. But I want to do it with a clear head. Blessings to you!


Hi Zananne,

I can only say that the major fatigue aspect of Lyrica lasted only in the beginning as I was getting used to the drug. Actually, it seems to work pretty well for me for pain, like you, and I take a total of 600mg a day now (per recommendation by Stanford pain management clinic)- 200mg 3x a day!

I’ve also tried almost every conceivable drug, dose, and combination of drugs for depression and anxiety for over 20 years (perhaps a bit more than you). Anyway, I can’t say I know for sure if Lyrica is causing this, but I do notice more - equanimity? sense of balance? unflappability in recent years, but alway thought this was due to maturing emotionally, believe it or not, or my antidepressant. Anyway, guess what you’re talking about is not exactly a positive feeling, more like being numbed out? I don’t get exactly that effect. (Or if I do, I guess I don’t mind the feeling).

I agree with others that a decrease in Lyrica dose might be a good option for you. And as for pain issues, I want to put in (another) good word for plain old tylenol. Stanford Pain management clinic also recommended this to me. I take it 3-4 x/day and it is surprisingly effective for my fibromyalgia pain (along with cbd capsules and the lyrica and cymbalta). (When my shoulder tendinitis flares, I sometimes have to take an opiate). Anyway, what have you got to lose. It is a pretty innocuous drug as drug goes, and it probably can’t really hurt, you may want to give it a try.

Best of luck to you!