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Lymphatic System Drainage for Inflammation


Amazing results for me so far. Due to severe inflammation from my brain, brain stem, spine and torquing of my spine, I finally feel mental changes and physical changes. I do multiple modalities including dealing with the ‘‘leaky gut’’ and this means complete diet lifestyle change. I do multi-facet things to get me moving forward.

Methylation Cycle is another issue to why people are not detoxing. Our body is like a plugged up tub. It needs to be detoxed through the urine and anus or else toxic metals from products with aluminum,etc, including water from the pipes, mold, parasites, etc get the body full of inflammatory responses causing autoimmune disease (body attacking itself). There is so much to learn. I just started in fall 2018 and it is at often at least a one year process for many.

Anyone else notice what has helped them to get better?


I have never heard of this, or been told a need for this. Sound very interesting, I will look further into it.
I wish you continued luck.