Lyme Disease? And other nonsense

I was diagnosed April, 2012 with fibromyalgia after meeting with a rheumatoid doctor for about 5 minutes. Most of my other visits had my primary doctor leaning that way, so it seemed like the right call.

A month ago, I went in to see a pain doctor. I described all of my symptoms, how long they have last, etc., and he comes at me with a Lyme disease diagnosis. I didn't have my blood drawn, I have been tested two or three times-all negative (I know through my husband, that not all Lyme disease testing is accurate). He said I could be suffering from late stage Lyme disease, or have fibro and Lyme disease.

To be honest, it came as a huge setback. I was kind of gaining ground on accepting fibro for all of it's unknowns, but then to be struck with another disease that not only is difficult to diagnose, but is also hard to pin certain symptoms to it as well-it was a bit disheartening to say the very least. I have been in quite a tailspin since then.

On top of that, I have applied for and been denied disability due to the fact that my husband makes too much money. He really doesn't, after you take out taxes, health insurance costs, etc, etc. Just pile on the load of crap is what I have been thinking.

It has made me off, in every since of the word. I am hopefully getting over a four day migraine, forgetting three different appointments in the last week, and having trouble getting words out of my mouth that my brain wants me to.

Sometimes it really feels like the hits just keep on coming, and I am much too slow and in pain to react.

I really didn't mean to go into those last few paragraphs. I'm just wondering if anyone else here has had a similar experience and what did you eventually find out.

The good news, jmhaag, is that you are evaluating the diagnosis critically and not just blindly accepting it. Some practitioners will trot out a lyme diagnosis on the flimsiest of evidence, and patients who unquestioningly accept the diagnosis may be put to great expense as well as exposed to health risks from long-term antibiotics, picc lines, etc. in an effort to "cure" a condition they may not actually have.

You are welcome to join our lyme community for additional support and information. There is a link to it on the communities list on the righthand column of the main page.

I hope your disability situation can be straightened out with the help of a disability attorney. Best wishes to you!