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Lupus Fibro, No Difference?

I was speaking with my Primary Care Physician about issues I was having with my fibro and she told me she thinks there is no such things as having Lupus and Fibro because they share too many symptoms. I was very confused when she said this because I have both and do see differences. She also has lupus. My concerned was about people who only have fibro. What’s your thoughts?


I also have both. I had a doctor many years ago tell me he thought fibro was the beging of other dz and sometimes it turned into things like lupus and some times it didnt. So i wounder how she treats people who dont have other illness. I can tell a difference and i take meds for both.

Lol, rattletired I believe she was referring to the condition. I was explaining to her how sensitive my thighs and feet are feeling like they were on fire. I was in pain all over to the point where it hurt to touch me. With lupus, I have pain in specific areas that hurts such as knees, wrist, ankles and legs, feels like a vice grip is squeezing and won’t let go. I explained to her I was having horrible night sweats (not menopausal or peri menopausal). She then interrupted and said I don’t know why people attribute the symptoms to fibro or lupus when the symptoms are so overlapping that they can’t have two different diagnosis as in this case. I was in such a fog that I did not really question or ask for more clarification as to why she believed this to be true. Maybe she was in a fog.

My grandmother had fibro and lupus.. and rheumatoid arthritis. So I call bull snake to what the PCP said! It's absolutely possible, and I tend to agree with purplebutterfly. There's enough evidence that fibro is either caused by or causes (chicken/egg, who knows?) a very, very horked up endocrine/immune system, so it certainly isn't much of a reach at all that it's possible the fibrobeast has the potential of inviting it's horribuddy lupus along!

I'm certain they're two different things, but when one thing causes the endocrine/immune system to mess up, who knows what else can happen or even cascade from there? Might be genetic predispositions, too (or any number of possibilities, tbh). My mother was diagnosed with fibro when she was about my age, and she's starting to have signs of lupus at 61. I hope she doesn't wind up with that too, but it runs in the family, as does fibro (and a buncha' other yucky stuff!).

The one thing I am certain of here is that yes, fibro absolutely can and very often does co-exist with lupus, and that they're two different illnesses (oh, I guess that's 2 things I'm certain of! Wheee! :)

I have both and I can definitely tell the difference between the two. (Lupus, fibro)