Low polyamine diet?

Have any of you had your doctor recommend going on a low polyamine diet?

Wondering if it has worked for any of you at all.

I can't remember everything on the "bad foods" list but some are.

Mushrooms, Pineapple, Heart of Palm, Peanuts, Potato flour, Tomato sauce, Peas, Bananas, Broccoli, ect.. (that's all I can remember.)

I have noticed that tomato sauce and bananas cause me to have a more painful day... kind of weird.

"Good food"

this is funny --> beer, wine, sprits, coffee

chocolate, bread (wheat or white not whole grain), eggs, dairy, cheeses (but not aged or blue cheese),

veggies (some are in the bad list), fruits

What do you guys think?

Thanks :)

What kind of doctor are you seeing, Heather B? Is it a rheumatologist?

It is a pain management doctor. He prescribed me Savella, and gave me that list of good and bad foods. Haha, he also overdosed me on serotonin so I am dealing with a "mild" case of serotonin syndrome right now.


I am sorry you are going thru this serotonin syndrome can be serious I am glad it was caught.

I have found with the foods I eat I try and eat healthy some of our members keep a journal of what they eat and see what makes their symptoms worst then eliminate those things.

i eat what i think are healthy foods., whole grains, produce, non processed nor packaged foods. and if my stomach agrees with them i am ok. all the best,



I was told by a holistic practitioner to cut out all gluten, dairy and alcohol. Cut out sugar . drink lots of water and if you can juice your veggies at least one large shake per day. Anything with no peel should be organic if possible . no tomato , green pepper and no potatoes. Magnesium supplement ( magnesium Calm) helped me. Any alcohol worsens my symptoms a lot. And I was a person who enjoyed social drinking and even an occasional cocktail at home. Not Abel to do that anymore. Its not worth it. Make sure you drink plenty water… Hope this helps