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Loss of libido or drive


It’s been 4 years since I was diagnosed now and lots of things change daily now I don’t want to lower the tone and I would love to help and talk to people and get bit of help my self on many aspects of fibro lately like last three months it’s getting to point where pains get to me so much iv now lost all interest in sex or any intimacy any one else had this problem I ask as it’s a new problem for me


Yep–I can fully relate. Now I’m not sure if it’s related 2 the fibro, the CFS or the depression these illnesses caused. I was diagnosed in2004 and it does NOT get better. It’s pretty sad when u feel like there’s nothing new evn being done 2 help us patients! Except of course wanting 2 add MORE anti-depression meds! I’m already on 2! Try sumthin else docs! Tired of feeling like a guinea pig! My BRAIN isn’t the root of my problem! Know what I mean?


Glad I’m not the only one. Hubby DEFINITELY not understanding about this part of fibro. Wish he’d understand I don’t like it either! Can’t seem to get brain engaged in activity like I used to. What’s up with that?


I too, have a loss in drive. My fiance acts like he tries to understand my issues, my aches and pains. I can say though, unfortunately I really don’t think that he understands what extremes I go through. When it comes to loss for interest in sex, he surely does not understand. I’ve begun to consider talking to a woman’s doctor in search for help.


I’ve been having some occasional pain during sex, and of course sometimes I just don’t feel like doing anything at all. It’s frustrating because it’s like there is no part of my life or body that isn’t being affected by this illness.
I’m very lucky, though, because my husband is an absolute sweetheart who understands what I am going through and he understands that it’s not something I am choosing.

Have you gone to a gyno yet? If so, did you get any assistance?