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Looking on the bright side


Hey everyone!

I haven't been on here in a little while, what with fibro flares, work and my personal life keeping me busy non stop. The other day at work I was having a really bad fibro flare accompanied by fibro fog (dynamite combination I must say), I was just focusing on how much I was hurting and stressing out. Then it occurred to me how many things in my life I really should be more grateful for. I am so thankful above all for my relationship with God, for my family, for having a bed to rest in at night and a heating pad that is frequently used. I am choosing to focus more on the positives in my life and the things that I can control.

So please, everyone tell me something that you are thankful for, something that makes you happy when you feel low or what gets you through your worst fibro days. I would love to hear whatever you would like to share! :)

Blessings and prayers


Hi, I am grateful and thankful for many things. The list is long and my cup runneth over. At the moment my husband is preparing our dinner. He is a very good cook and has been making our meals all week. He will set up the table and do the cleanup. We share the cooking and chores but I am not able to at the moment. I am thankful for him.

My daughter is a very dear and special, sweet and caring person. She has done lots of volunteer.work over the years that involve boxing up, giving out and serving good to those in need. She has also given her time at adoptions and rescues for cats. My husband is still recovering from total knee replacement surgery and she makes sure we have what we need.

I am so grateful for these most dearest people in my life.

It was very lovely of you to pose this question. It is nice to think and share the joys we have with each other!!




Thank you for sharing, Suzie! That's so wonderful! It really does help to surround yourself with those who love and support you.

Blessings and prayers