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Looking for Dr. In South Dakota?


I have been desperately searching for a good doctor in South Dakota. I recently got diagnosed this past December with fibromyalgia. This was after years of them doing literally every single freaking test imaginable. I am in pain. I have tried Lyrica, Gabapentin, the Mucinex (can't spell the long word) protocal and I do the fibro diet. I also can't take antidepressants as they have an adverse effect on me. I have epilepsy and whenever i have a flare i have seizures. My "new" doctor referred me to physical therapy. I only did one treatment and I'm in a horrible amount of pain. I'm trying to push myself to do the stretches they recommended and that is making it worse. My doctor told me that if physical therapy didn't work for my pain that I would just have to "live with it" and to "ignore the pain". I then asked about a fibromyalgia treatment center of America and she said "oh well they can't help you". I'm just tired of this. i want to find a doctor that is willing to help me and not give up on me and as a last resort maybe some sort of pain medicine regime as that seems to help at least a little bit. If anyone can recommend a doctor please do so. I'm desperate. I don't want to look like a drug seeker for wanting to switch doctors so soon but I want a doctor that is going to support me.


Also try finding a pain management specialist they also work with fibromyalgia patients


Hi Wonky Momma,

Most states have support groups where you can get this kind of information. As far as I know, you need to go to Facebook, type in FMS and your state. So you would type FMS-South Dakota. I did go to check your state out and there it was. I went to my Utah FMS site over a year ago and met a woman who has become one of my dearest friends. I don't quite know where you are located in South Dakota, but I will be following you to make sure that you receive the information you need.

Best Wishes, Susan


Hi, I don’t know of a doctor but I can tell you how I have completely cured myself of the pain. I kind of did a whole body detox, organic food only, eliminated the stress out of my life. I was taking care of so many people and doing so much I was in pain. Then my pops died and my disabled brother went to care home . And I changes a few a few habits and no more pain…

Then one of my friends was leaning on me, my son moved back home and my sis had to work on my property (love her dearly) but she can drive me nut. Guess what ? Pain came back like a thunderstorm.

Told everyone to give me some space, pain going away.

That’s my story, hope it helps someone