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Looking for doctor in vero beach florida


Just moved back to vero beach florida and looking for a kind and caring dr. I’ve tried all the meds that are saposta help fms but don’t work for me. I’ve tried and it works for me to use pain meds as needed but can’t find a dr that will prescribe them.


Hello nanniebee,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing these difficulties with finding a Doc, I am in Uk, so can't help in finding a Doc, hope you will get useful info from others, there are good Docs out there, but can be difficult to track down, don't give up. It is the same with the meds, trial and error to find the right ones that work for you. Like you, I don't take anything for the pain, just paracetomol and ibuprofen when needed. I try to manage my condition in other ways, gentle exercise, mindfulness, relaxation, pacing. There are groups on here that might help. Wish you well

Take care, Anne