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Looking for a doctor of whatever kind in the Kansas City, MO area, any ideas?

My MD is trying to treat my and is understanding, but I don't think he is very knowledgeable outside of prescriptions for Fibro? My main symptoms so far seem to be incredulous pain, brain fog, and fatigue. I have been told to go see a rheumatologist, is that the best place to start? Anyone know one here who is good at treating this illness?Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you

Yes, I would agree that it's time to see a rheumatologist. That's as far as I can go because I live some thousands of miles from you.

BUT my goodness Angel has provided links for you of 34 rheumatologists in Kansas City, MO.

Wow, Angel this is exactly what Clarice needs. What a wonderful help you have provided for her!

Hi Clarice. Here's what I would suggest to do:

Google the term "rheumatologist" plus "fibro" plus your area. You'll find several who deal with fibro. Then I would google the name of each rheumatologist, along with "ratings" or "reviews." That way hopefully you'll find out what other people have to say about them. It helped me find a rheumatologist and the negative reviews they gave my former rheumatologist sure fit (I hadn't used this method when I chose my first rheumy.)

Good luck in finding a rheumatologist. And don't feel shy about firing one if they try to tell you that fibro is just caused from stress or depression. Or if they don't listen to you and downplay your symptoms. You deserve someone who will listen to you.

Yes, thank you so much!!!!!

Wow, thank you all SO MUCH! I have already learned so much from this website!!! And now I know how nice and helpful you are too......feels great! Because as you know most people around me just don't "get it" when I am trying to deal with symptoms and am not my normal self.

Great advice on how to search for a new doctor. I’ll be trying this myself. Thanks so much!