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Long term disability approved


I got the call today that my TLD through my job was approved!!!! My Short term ran out yesterday and I was beginning the stressing over the decision of LTD. I have to call back as today was my sleep all day, day. I injected last night and the day after is recovery. I do not know about my ins. or how this works. Since the call woke me up I could not think of any questions until after I was awake for a while. Now I have a list of them.

Stress only makes MS worse so it is a good thing I got the call.... Now to focus on getting better... or to a level of better that maybe... hopefully will get me back to my job...but reality is that I may never get back to doing my job... the stress alone is a no go.

HUGGS, Belinda


Belinda, that’s terrific news. Glad to hear. If you haven’t explored mindfulness, I think it’s great for reducing anxiety and stress. I have a difficult time winding down sometimes which contributes to my pain and it has helped me considerably.


Laurie, I am going to have to look that up. I have never heard of "Mindfulness". I was just doing a search on the site key words MS and Fibro. and I seen where you were thinking something more was going on with you. What was the end result? I was surprised to see all the posts that those words brought up. Made me feel not so alone. I do need to inform you that if you had an MRI of the ole onion... and it was not done in the right type of machine they can miss small lesions that are hard to see... it is all about the " slices". The size of the slices... the smaller the better. I also want to let you know that anyone who thinks they have MS needs to request to be seen by an MS Specialist. They know what they are looking for when it comes to lesions and their locations. Not all lesions are MS. They are in specific places.

I also located the Fibro and autoimmune group here. I had read that MS was not an autoimmune but then while poking around..."stalking LOL" the group I found a post on their page about MS. So I joined the group.

I do hope that MS has been ruled out in your case and you never have to sail on this boat I am sailing on...it seems to be a small boat and a lonely place to be. I know that post was a long time ago but I wanted to reach out and stick my nose in your business...lol

HUGGS, Belinda


Congratulations, Belinda! It is so much easier to destress yourself once LTD or SSDI is approved, so I am glad that you got it!

How's it going with the new meds? Have you noticed any change in your joints or anything? Was it hard to get used to injecting yourself?

As for your job...the stress of it sounds like it would cause you harm. That's a very real thing to consider, too. Even if the job might not seem to be stressful to a regular person, it can be murder on us!

It was driven home to me when my sister/roommate went to Milwaulkee for Irish fest in August. In the past I was able to keep up with the housework and dog work but this year I found myself getting stressed and sore and tired right away. On.day two, I felt like calling my sis and begging her to come home...which I did not do! But the experience humbled me because I can see how much my fibro has progressed. I honestly wonder if it ever levels off. Maybe not?