Living with Fibro is looking for greeters!

Anyone interested in becoming a greeter of new members? This is a special support group, started by Ben, to help to greet new members to make them feel welcome. He is asking for your help!

Yes, SK, I would be interested in helping out as a greeter. You all made me feel very welcomed when I first joined so I would be happy to do that for others.

I'm up to be a greeter meeter, I know this is a American site and I am Australian, although my first husband was American and I lived in San Francisco for 10 yrs. I am a retired RN because of fibro and have a caring nature, and a good sense of humor Iv'e had fibro for 20 yrs so I know how hard and confronting it can be, it changes everything ,it's very easy to lose ones self in the turmoil of chronic pain so let me know if you need a hand always happy to lend a hand to a fellow fibro newby jeannie

Hi SK, I've read the suggestions from Abby and I would really like to be a greeter.

Gentle Hugs, Dottie S

Oh thank you all, we'll run this another day or two and be in touch with you! This is such an important part of making new members feel welcome and at home here! Ben and Scott will be so pleased!

Here are some greeter graphics to take and use if you like! Just a few, thanks to Rattled for showing me how to get them.