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Living an active life?

Hi I’m new on here. I’m really looking for anyone who can relate to my pains and hopefully get some inspiration to get back to me!
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a almost 2 years ago.
I had pushed through the pain as I’ve always been in heavily physical demanding jobs and long hours. I had dealt with sciatica and thought that was getting worse. When I eventually went to the doctor it was because I had got so bad I’d collapsed during work and after couldn’t move for days with the pain.

I’m heartbroken with the way it’s changed my life. I was a really active person. Climbing, hiking and kickboxing. I love music and go to a lot of gigs but now I can’t stand for the duration of a gig so I don’t go out before it, can’t stay for the whole set and go home feeling I’ve missed out. I can’t do any of the sports I’ve enjoyed in the past and I feel like I’m not a shadow of who I really am.

With me it is mostly nerve pain. My feet are the worst and are normally the indicator of how bad I’m going to be during a flare up which come from nowhere sometimes. They swell and tighten if im on my feet for over a hour. The nerve pain just shoots all over my body and I spend a lot of time trying to settle the pain.

I’ve been on Amitriptyline for over a year but I always need to top up on pain killers so I don’t think it’s working for me although I am a lot better that I was when I was diagnosed. Today I was given a prescription for Gabapentin.

Can anyone relate to this story?
Have any suggestions to get me back to my active life?
I don’t want to take tablets so has anyone been able to find another way to tackle the nerve pain?
Any suggestions I will take on board.
I’m determined to not let this beat me but I do find it exhausting and I’ve lost a lot of friends through my pain because I just can’t do what I used to do and because it’s not visible the pain I’m in and some days are better than other some friends have taken offence when I repeatedly go home early especially if I’ve been active that week or previously. Then I have to spend days recovering and I can see why it may seem like I’m just avoiding people but it’s just such a hard condition for people to understand.

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Hi…I can relate to your illness. Was diagnosed with fibro in 2006 and also suffer from feet pain /swelling and sciatica. I was on max dosages of Lyrica and Cymbalta plus sleeping pills for 8 years. I was told that from my past history medical records that I most likely had Fibro 12 years before diagnosed.

I never found a solution for my pain but now manage what I can by myself, so I can function daily as best I can. I came off all medications because they were sucking the life out of me…fatigue, memory issues, angry and 10-20 other issues that ruined my quality of life.

I adjusted my diet to suit me better and added exercise every day of the week. I do approx 30 minutes every morning of Tai Chi, alternating to Chi Gong exercises every other day. My duration for exercise has improved but still fatiguing and restrictive if I push it.

I found ways to accept my condition and mentally focus on getting through the really bad days with greater success than in the past.

I do hope you find a way to manage your pain that will get you through the day as best you can. I believe we are lifers with Fibro and chronic pain, and need to manage our own lives with whatever works best to help with the pain and fatigue.

I could not function on meds but understand those who are on pain meds to get themselves through the day.

I turned to playing music again after a 15 year absence and playing golf once a week after a 12 year absence. Also helping my grandkids with their sports gives me some additional activity to hold it together and get out of the house.

I do hope you find a method of managing your pain and fatigue etc. with greater success in the near future.

Take care…Frank

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OP: I never had nerve pain when I was given the FM dx in my very early 60’s, it was not until hip replacement in 2010 that the nerve pain hit my body and hit hard. I was 72. So many things including drugs, surgeries do cause nerve damage but I didn’t think nerve damage came with the FM dx.

Thyroid dsyfunction is very connected to the FM issue.

I;ve been taking Grape Seed Extract for going on 25 yrs and I believe it’s kept the FM I supposedly live with, at a minimum.

A friend who has dealt with nerve damage for many years got off the pharma drugs and now taking Grape Seed Extract for probalby 10 yrs and she’s improved. Those drugs come with so many side effects and some nerve damage. j

Why not do a search of side effects of the drugs you take, could be nerve issues will come up. Just sayin.

I relate!! I have to rationenergy. I have Adderall, but i use it up 100 days before I get a refill. Its my hidden shame and source of self-hatred. I don’t know why i cant force myself to get going on my own without lots of prayers sand tears. It is hard for me to type! I lived most of my adult life with eating disorder that took so much self control and will power andso much physical pain. Now i am a shell of the person i was. Every day i try to change and every day i fail. I still miss my .om and Dad. I still wish my sister was still my best friend and soulmate. Im so tired of all the hard work it takes to get through the day without my husband seeing me cry. I have been taking antidepressants for thirty years. I have had ECT series I’m of treatments 4times. I wa

I have been lonely my whole life, but i dont have the energy or physical strength that i need to k. All i want to accomplish in life is to be nice to other people.

This whole rant didnt help anyone and is selfish. I have a severe borderline ersonality disorder. I hope. O one but GoAd readsthis .if soi apologize. reads tf someone doez i apologzee i cant even type on kindle to tired to keep trying fix typos