Life Insurance

Hi everyone,

My husband recently lost his job which caused us to lose our life insurance. I am looking for a company outside of our employers so we don't have to worry about this in the future. Can anyone recommend a company that will write policies for people with Fibro? I don't have an official diagnosis yet but there is mention of it in my file so I'm sure that is enough. Thanks in advance :)

You know, what about contacting AARP? Since they deal with seniors and seniors have tons of health problems, AARP might know of an insurance co that writes policies for people with fibro.

A person on another site mentioned using this source to get life insurance with fibro: I have never used the site so am not making an endorsement.

EHow says this, generally, about fibro and life insurance:

Insurance Options for Fibromyalgia

  • If you had credible health insurance prior to applying for insurance with a new group health plan, there are rules that could help you. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPPAA, states that if you had 12 months of continued insurance coverage by a group health plan before applying for a new group health plan, then you will not be placed on a waiting period before the new plan covers a preexisting condition. You will not be denied coverage for fibromyalgia as your preexisting condition, according to

    If you are applying for private health insurance and not a group health plan, then you may have a higher premium, because these are governed by individual states. You also could be denied coverage because HIPPAA only protects group health plans and not individual ones.

High-risk Insurance

  • Most Americans obtain insurance through an employer, which is group health insurance. If you have a high-risk condition and fibromyalgia could be considered one, there are options and you may be able to purchase high-risk insurance offered by your individual state. However, this insurance is usually more expensive than individual insurance plans, but allows you to get health insurance coverage. This may be an option for you if you were turned down by another health insurance plan.