Lessons in Life

When asked about her condition, one member consistently responds:

"I have had a difficult journey but have become such a kinder, wiser person in the process."

Which reaffirms: Yes, it is possible to take out something positive from our conditions, including our illnesses and experiences!

How about you? What life lessons have you learned from having your illness? It may be a struggle, but has it helped you develop certain qualities that make your life (and those around you) more meaningful?

You have made friends with a highly evolved soul, Armando! She has not allowed illness to make her sharp and prickly, but instead it has made her more loving, and less self centered. These are simplistic words of wisdom for us all!

My little grandson and I made each other happy the past few days, I even got some of those darling little 'gut giggles', and a priceless memory of time shared.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

Hope you are well and happy,


Highly evolved soul... I love that!

Whilst fibro, and related conditions are evil and no one deserves them I think that being slowed down a bit and having time to reflect on things mentally when we are too sore to physically do anything has endeared us all with a great deal more humanity that those people who are lucky enough to be able to rush around all day with no problem.

I have learned two things, more than any other from having fibro, firstly that I am never alone... there are always people in the same boat even if they are hiding on the floor of it and need to be found first and secondly that little things, a few minutes without realising the pain is there, or even just a card in the post from someone who cares, means more than any of the bigger things in life could. Regardless of where we live, our gender, age, sexuality, race, religion etc we each smile at the little things. We could see that smile on someone else's face and know that they are going through something similar, but you never will see it on the face of people with no problems like us. Whilst we may be cursed we are also blessed.


Precious, Mike. Just precious!


I just had a very cathartic cry session reading your post. You put that amazingly and it is so true. The main thing that resonated with me was the slowing down part. I have always been very driven and haven’t focused on myself so the main blessing from fibro is that I slowed down and began realizing I needed to take care of myself. The ocean air has never smelled so clean, nor the beautiful flowers blooming in front of the Capitol as vivid as I see them now.

I am learning to love myself for the first time and it is a hard but wonderful journey.


*hugs*, Remember that we are all here to help each other on out journeys. Also, happiness is the journey itself, not a destination so never stop travelling.,


Just listen to you, you are in such better spirits since returning to the group and reconnecting with everyone! I know your education in family Law is important, to you, it's important to me for you, but you were 'in withdrawl' That's right, the diagnosis is Ben's Friends withdrawl, and you are much better now!

Love ya! Please don't be a stranger!


I am feeling much happier in myself now. No cutting for ages, a lot fewer negative thoughts going around as too... it is about time I felt happier. I have had a decade of being miserable so maybe I am now due for a decade of happiness xx

Oh honey, I hope so! How about the rest of your long life, to be happy and healthy! If we're wishing and hoping, lets make it count! So glad to have you back!