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Leg pain


Tiday I was helping my husband in the garden and on the way back to the house my legs started to tingle then it felt like hundreds of bees weree stinging them I could not stand up and it hurt so bad I ways crying. My husband had to help me to the house and on to the couch has anyone ever had this. I am not sure how to explain how this feels to him


Hello Tamikay,

Oooh that sounds painful, and quite worrying I'm sure. Another weird symptom of Fibro? I don't know. Is it a new thing for you? What springs to mind is, as you were gardening, were you doing a lot of bending, stretching, kneeling, staying in one place for a while? Could be pins and needles, which we know always feels worse for us Fibro Warriors.

Personally I have not experienced this to the extent it made me cry. I do suffer tingling, numbness stabbing pains in both arms and legs. Bizarrely, I have one foot that is always cold, often ice cold, and goes through a range of sensations throughout the day!

As for explaining to hubby, I'm suspect he has some idea already, seeing you like this. I also find it difficult to explain the pain to my family, and to be truthful, even if you could explain it, it would be hard to understand. The best outcome is for them to trust you, and accept what you say. That is, of course my opinion, I look forward to the views of other members.

Finally, sorry this post has been so long, it might be worth checking with your Doc what it could be. Wish you well

Take care, Anne


I am so sorry you had this! I know fibro can affect our nerves in a way nothing else can’t! Just a small amount of inflammation around the nerve can cause tingling and Pain for us is just so advanced. I am glad to hear your husband was there to help you. I have heard of others feeling this most of my discomfort originates in my arms. And hips


I too have experienced pain like bee stings. seriously just like a bee sting. it seems to be a phase of the fibro. it might be something as simple as grasping something which causes it. it is shocking. I am so sorry you endured such a massive attack of those sensations. i would certainly bring it up with your doctor.


Thank you everyone for the helpful info. When to the doc yesterday and she gave me a Kenalog shot for the inflammation, hope this works. These leg pains are driving me crazy. I am so glad this work week is over so I can go at my own pace and rest when I need to.


Yesterday went to WalMart and that trip just wore me out. Really tired today and trying to go at my own pace when my Husband tell me that I need to get up and do more. like laundry, dishes and someother stuff. I had told him this morning that I was going to do these things it just take me a little longer than if used to. Boy was he a not a happy person :( I just wish he could feel what I feel for one minutes, not really I would not wish this on anyone,..... sorry for the rant.


Thank you for sharing! I just began having fibro leg pain in December 2015, I seriously thought I was having a severe allergy to medications because it became difficult to walk and ached so bad I could not sleep. I was so sad when the doctor said that my fibro must now be affecting my legs. Is there any suggestions with how to deal with new pains and how to deal with the pain in my legs?


Hello Amber3,
I was diagnosed in 2003 with fibromyalgia. And I have leg pain the most. I use heat on mine. A heating pad is what I use. But a young lady on here said a heated mattress pad or heated throw is better. Also warm water showers :shower: or baths :bath:t6: are good! If you can swim going to a heated pool is also good. Medicine can be of help. I’m on Lyrica and Tramodal for pain. I also have arthritis and I take Celebrex for that pain. I pray that you can get some relief on your legs and anywhere else you may hurt. I pray that All who suffers with any pain get healing in there bodies. Have a blessed and awesome day!

Shirley :revolving_hearts: