Laurie Sent A Message To Everyone. Been Gone Awhile!

I haven't been on the for about a week because I just got out of the hospital. It's been a horrible week for me. Last week, I was in the kitchen. I had been in awful pain from spasms in lower back and shoulders blades at the same time. I never know when they are going to hit me. Well, a HUGE spasm went up and down my back and spread out to my shoulder blades. I was so startled and in so much pain, I fell completely backwards and hit my head really hard on the floor. I was out. Fortunately my girlfriend next door heard the fall and came to my door and yelled my name - but I didn't hear her. The next thing I remember was being put on a gurney and sent to the hospital. I have never been knocked unconscious like that before. It was a very strange feeling.

I have never really screamed from pain, but all the way to the hospital in the ambulance, I was screaming and by the time I got to the emergency, I was in shock from it. Teeth chattering, very cold and horrible shaken. I also had a horrible headache, unlike anything I have ever had before - and I suffer from . I was vomiting and severely dehydrated. I had a concussion and severely sprained my back - which certainly doesn't help with my Fibro. Tests were taken and fortunately my head was not seriously harmed, but I have a huge bump in the back. I am seeing a little bit of double right now, but the said it will clear up soon and it is beginning to now. I am totally black and blue all up down my back, the back of my arms, shoulder blades. Horribly sore and in tears. Is there anyway you can let the group know all that has happened? My eyes aren't good right now. Maybe you can print this and re-type it in Discussions. I just want to let everybody that I haven't forgotten them. Love, Laurie


It's so good to hear from you! Oh, I'm so sorry you went through all this pain and trauma. What did the doctors end up doing for you? You will be in my prayers.


Usually when I am not on FB for a few days, my friends start leaving me msgs as to What The Bleep has happened to me. I am certain that those who know you best on this site have figured out that you have been SWONKED w/a fibro attack! So sorry to hear of your troubles, I have sent a White Light of Healing Beam to you! When you are feeling better we know that you will be back to help others! Maggi H

Hope that you are feeling better soon. Such a rotten thing to have happen. Just when I am feeling sorry for myself I hear about someone who is much worse. Saying prayers that you are on the mend.