Last chance for relief :/

Today, I went to go see my neurologist about my nonstop pain and questioning of my illness. My aunt went with me to help me with answers. He placed me on GABAPENTIN, I'm still on CYMBALTA for my depression, and need to wait two weeks to see if the medication helps. GABAPENTIN is the last medication I can take for fibro pain. After this trial, if I still hurt... I have to go to counseling and learn to DEAL with the pain. Meaning I will forever hurt. I don't know if I am ready for that. In the last week, my activity level has decreased, pains increased, and relief decreased. I have issues getting up and staying up. The doctor talks like I just need to push through this, but my memory is going, productivity is down, and I wish I had a crutch or wheelchair.
Everyday is becoming a battle as the pain worsens, and I can no longer find relief. I feel like I am aging too fast haha..... When I think of when this all started, I blame my KFC in Valparaiso, IN. I begged them for relief and to not do something. They forced me and threatened my job on it. They DID NOT give me workman's comp. or sign anything when I told them I needed an ER. What am I to do?

i am wondering why the neuro said that gabapentin is the last medication to try.. there are many drugs that are being tried after that one. And as far as telling you that you have to DEAL with the pain (!,) well, with all due respect this neurologist needs to be replaced.It is almost like this doctor has given up!!! You certainly should not. I hope you will consider changing this doc. i do not like the sound of this doc.. no i dont.

all the best



Suzie, I am in so much pain right now. It won't stop. He only had 3 drugs approved for me to try.... that is why it is the last one..... I wanna cry right now.... it hurts...

My parents won't let me go due to the bills. I am over 2k in debt from the other ER visits.... What can a disability attorney do? And... I dont sleep anymore.... I stay up late, pass out for a bit... then back up just wanting to sleep... wanting the pain to end.... I wanna be admitted to a hospital until the pain is gone...... but Im not allowed... we are poor.... and my dad puts it in my face how much of a burden I am....

Hey Suzzane
The first several yrs i had this i didn’t think i was going to make it.But i always managed to keep on going or hanging on.Well i beleive anyone here will tell you it will ,i believe its called wanning or diminish a lot over time.In the mean time you learn to deal with every moment one at a time.You will be o.k. I promise,hugs wayne…but don’t pat me on the back,ill cry…lol

Suzanne, I am so sorry for what you are going thru with your pain level. We all get it and understand. I have just gone thru a horrible flare up that lasted the entire month of May. One of the worst months I have had since I was diagnosed in 2008.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing and I will be praying for you to get some relief.

Jackie S.

hi suzanne. i am sorry you are suffering so with treatment. i am suggesting that you go to a pain management doctor (center). since the neurologists' hands are tied with getting approval for only 3 meds i would see the next specialist as i mentioned the pain management.. please keep on seeking help..i send you much love, hope, faith , prayers and good thoughts


I'm sorry you're going through this. I remember when I worked how difficult it was and having my boss say, "you're always sick!" Well, I was. It took me many years to finally submit to disability and guess what, I got it. Don't wait, get an attorney who works for disability. They can advise you on what needs to be done as well as where to go to get help. Mine did anyway. Apply for medicaid...I was single and my son is grown so they sent me to their doctors who reported back that I qualified for Medicaid. I did all this while my attorney did her job. This will take a huge burden off of you and allow you to focus on getting more relief instead of the added stress you're under now. Just get the wheels rolling so you can relax/breathe a little. Good luck to you and keep us posted.

Ps. All I told the people for medicaid is that I was going for disability and they then sent me to their doctors which told them I qualified for Medicaid.

I really wanna go through college and become a vet. With disability, can i still do it? Or should i give up on my dream

Dearest Suzanne,

Believe in hope!

Please never give up on your dream. I have disability and have managed to study. In UK- they have special help for disabled students- help buy PC/study equipment, loans, support. If they have that in UK, they have a similar thing internationally ;)

You are going to make an awesome vet!

God bless


That means a lot. Thank you

I meamt to put rhumetologist… my mind is falling apart :’(

Iwanna admit myself to the hospital but i can’t afford it