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Laidback Lawyer


I want to start with a big thank you to all who have been there for me with positive thoughts and energies throughout my woes. You are all so appreciated. I have a question to ask and maybe I am just being touchy, but have any of you had a really good attormey through your disability claim? Mine just seems to be very laidback with mine. I just sent him a list of all of the latest diagnosis and the medical information on them all. I am hoping he will be more pro active in this. Can you give me any pointers on how to maybe get him up and running?


I have/ had the best guy for my claim. He is not disability lawyer...but a man who use to work for SSI and got tired of them turning down people who genuinely need it.

He still helps for free if i get anything in the mail from them...told me from get go to just contact him though he has more than doubled in size since then.

SSI can give you list of all the people in your area that can represent you legally...you might ask for one and look for someone same as my guy...oh and he won my case in less than 4 months!! no court nothing negative it was so easy!! he really took all stress off me once he had all my medical information which i had to supply of course.

I have heard of lawyers that have lead people on for years...he told me if i know anyone that this is happening with to let them know that their lawyer is wasting their time. There is no reason for it period. He also told me to tell people to avoid online sites that are cheaper...which i had tried myself and if i had listen to them i not have SSI as they told me i could never get it since i had not applied right after i left my work and answered other important questions wrong. He also said to avoid any out of state...usually TV ad people..they have reputation once you need representation in court they will drop your case as they do not want to fly anyone plus other reasons.

I do think there are decent lawyers locally who can handle your case but as he said...should be handled at the longest within a year.

Plus...he did care and most of all he tried to understand exactly what my diseases were and how they got in my way of working. Which only makes sense ...at least your lawyer is not making money off you till the case is won.

I hope this helps...there is more he said about what it takes to win but best to find someone that is passionate about your case or just be honest and say no you cannot win with way things are right now and due to this and that. i know i appreciate honesty and think most people rather know they have no case than be mislead. good luck and i really hope you find a representative who does care!!