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Had anyone on here tried kratom for fibro pain?


I have not. I have a friend with beycetts (sp?) and she swears by it. I use medical marijuana and that helps on some level.
I’d be curious to know about kratom though.


I just took my first “dose”.

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Is it an immediate ‘feeling?’ How does it work? And most importantly, is it working for you or is it a wait and see kind of thing?


I took it in a pretty immediate way… Mixed in juice. Felt effects in about 20 minutes. I feel really sleepy which is the kind I took. You have to kind of try it to see what your dose will be so I took a really really low dose. But I won’t increase it by much.

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I tried to look it up online but i can’t find any info that is helpful. It said that Amazon and Walmart sell it but perhaps it is sold under a different name.


I don’t think those places sell it. You have to buy it from a seller much like CBD oil. I had a hard time finding info too that wasn’t government “Doom and gloom” stuff. I joined a couple forums to get information from people who use it. It’s a controversial thing… Since it binds to opioid receptors in the brain it’s been made illegal in a few States. However it isn’t an opioid… It doesn’t have the same make up. It’s actually part of the same botanical group as the coffee plant. I’m getting ready for work right now but I’ll see if I can post some info here later. I’ve found that it’s something you kind of have to do a lot of research on before you start it.


Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope it continues to help you <3


I’ve tried Kratom and it does help when I’m really hurting. I bought mine at a smoke/liquor store in a powder form and made my own capsules. I also use medical marijuana and cbd creams. I take zero meds as when I was seeing all kinds of drs giving me all kinds of meds nothing worked longer then 10 days. plus I changed to a healthier diet cut out a lot of sugar & gluten.


I’ve gone gluten free for about 6 months now. Mostly vegetarian diet. The CBD oil send to work better with no side effects. The kratom it’s ok but my body doesn’t seem to like as it’s leaving my body. The last hour or two are not nice…I feel kinda ill. I will probably only use it when I’m in a lot of pain. I wish marijuana was legal here. Our governor is planning to make it legal next year. I really want patches!!