Hi all,
Has anyone tried kinesiology (hope spelt right) to help with their fibro? My husband has suggested it but as we have tried other things which have not helped, I wonder if anyone has views on it.
Thanks. SueT.

Hi Sue, interesting question. My acupressurist has actually suggested a few movements coming from kinesiology (yep, write spelink ;-D). The theory behind what she suggested was however that I didn’t crawl properly as a kid, which I very much doubt. Of all therapy types I’d suggest this is way out. If I knew and trusted a therapist (like I do mine) I might try it, but most times I’ve tried this sort of (pretty esoterical) stuff it turned out pretty empty. Praps you can get a placebo effect from it and it doesn’t harm much apart from your purse.

You definitely need to be working with someone you know you can trust to get a worthwhile effect. I worked with an Wholistic Therapist (family friend of over 20 years before I started working with him) who used Kinesiology as a tool, often for trying to find the source of certain reactions or to test potential responses to a supplement before I took it. He also did some work on trying to tone down, or switch off the flight/fight response (I tend to get locked into and stay in this state most of the time). This was helpful in some ways, but I don’t know how much help it would have been if he was only trained for Kinesiology without any other techniques in play. Like everything else with fibro there’s no magical guarantee, but it certainly could help. Best of luck!

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Hi Jess111,
Thanks for your answer. I won’t know anyone that I see for kinesiology as we have only just moved here 2 months ago, feels like 2 years-and not in a good way. I haven’t looked into it enough at the moment. I did see a chiropractor in Gloucester a while back, and ha dbeen there before and he said he had other patients with fibro. But TBH I think whatever he did, made it worse, my back lately has been so much worse and seems to be affecting my chest and sides making that all worse as well. Will have to see about the kinesiology, I can’t have something that may make it all worse again, but if it helps, that would be ok. Will let you know.

Really doesn’t sound like he was doing you any good, altho I have heard of chiropractors that help fibromites.
I’d suggest osteopathy as a next step, which shd be pretty easy to get in the UK. Can’t say it does absolutely no harm tho, my first was somehow good for back, but not really for fibro at the beginning of a flare (didn’t have the diagnosis then tho), my muscles felt jolted a few days. My 2nd was young but eager to try out a whole lot of techniques he’d just learnt, and was very careful, that almost never hurt, and helped quite a bit, until I let my acupressurist take over. A 3rd one I had twice in the fibro-/rheum. clinic did nothing for me, but at least it didn’t hurt.
Can’t imagine kinesiology helping, but not hurting either.

Hi JayCS,
No, I don’t think he did any good at all. I went 3 times and after the first I felt bad but was better the next day, so after the second was worse, but after the third I said I wasn’t going again, I couldn’t put up with the extra pain.
I have also tried osteopathy a couple of years ago, and that was no help either, except for making my purse emptier. Nothing I have tried seems to help so am wary about the kinesiology. Maybe acupuncture? Haven’t tried that for years. I think I am at the ‘don’t know what to do next’ stage.

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I think I’m the only one where acupuncture doesn’t just not help, it harms me. Just heard the other day of someone very wary & knowledgeable who suggested acupuncture doesn’t harm anyone. But even if it did hurt you it would only do so until you put a bit of cold water on it - that will neutralize it. Also you could try ear acupuncture instead. That’s what the 2nd/last doc suggested, who was pretty firm with fibro, worked with ‘fibro-points’. We decided that since I was doing ear acupressure anyway that wdn’t make sense, so we tried body acupuncture and it hurt me just as much as a year before with a different doc, during and for hours after. A 30’’ cold shower at the end of the day got rid of all the pain.
You say you have tried it before - if it didn’t hurt then, praps try it again?
Acupressure/ ear acupressure is no problem for me either, but probably harder to get. It does hurt while she presses a point, but causes so total relief after that it’s worth it.
Acupuncture is more likely to help than kinesiology, and you shdn’t have any side effects with either. :hugs:

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Sue, i have used acupuncture at times, it helps somewhat…its nota cure…but i have found if a particular area is bad, they can usually treat ita d reduce the pain level…

I also use an acupressure mat, and pillow at home…which usually helps me a lot…sometimes in a big flare , i have to back off with it…

I could never use a tens unit, too strong for me , but a microcurrent unit often helps…as soon as i put it on my whole breathing relaxes

Hi Lmd,
My husband and I have talked about acupuncture as I had some sessions years ago before I was told I had fibro, didn’t seem to help anything though, and then they shut up shop and moved. I have checked out a couple of places here that do it, but will have to save up a bit first as the first apt is £80 and then after £45. As we are pensioners (and feel like it Lol) we only have pensions to spend, not much left after paying bills etc.

I did try a tens unit as well, not sure if we still have it somewhere (still boxes to unpack) but it seemed to make my back worse, think it might have been too strong and only had it on a low setting.

Have to look into an acupressure mat/pillow and see what they are like, cost etc.