KICK Start

I want to sa y thanks for feed back on my sister death,each post helped and will use a lot of the ideals this xmas

Dearest Bet,

It is always nice to hear from you. I lost my brother after a very long, horrible illness. We were closer than words could ever begin to express. I miss him everyday, and it helps me to just talk to him, write him letters, sing him songs, tell him jokes, because he is always with me, we are not twins, but might as well have been!

I have talked to a professional to help me get through this horrific loss, and if one thing sticks in my mind, it was her telling me not to hold back the tears, to let them come, they were our way of releasing and healing.

We are always here for you Bet. I wish you a wonderful holiday, and will be thinking of you!

Love and hugs,


Hugs to you avenk! I know you miss them!

Bets, you're welcome. You deserved it. Please keep coming back; we're happy to help you with this and the fibro.

Gentle hugs to you,