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Kent Holtorf on HGH for FM/CFS

I’ve never gone to Dr. Holtorf but I considered it years ago. He’s in Torrance, CA.
Here is info on the HGH he uses for some of his patients.

Now I’ve been using an HGH homeopathic gel for close to a year now and it’s given some significant positive benefits. I deal with some FM, OA and general aging. And I’m 81.

My daughter uses the gel and she’s 56 and the benefits for her have been tremendous. She now uses it over 15 months.

HGH therapies are not inexpensive but to us they are worth the money which is about $5/day.

Both of us SLEEP tremendously better…improved SLEEP is the first thing everyone who uses it reports.

I sleep 10 hrs on my back every night…and I do have a sleep combo of things I have been using since the FM dx in 1999 and it’s been modified over the years, but works great for the so so important sleep…and the HGH just makes everything better.

If anyone wants to know more, let me know. I’m pretty sure Dr. Holtorf does not use homeopathic gel but most likely injections which I would not use. Another doc offered injections to me about 20 yrs ago and I declined. j