Just wanted to say hello

First time poster here. During my last night of bringing in the new year with discomfort and no sleep, my normal nights that i am becoming acustom to, i stumbled accross you guys. Read some of the post and just thought to myself, wow are they talking about me? Just kinda nice in a not so nice way to see am not the only one that seems to have this issue as i call it that no matter what tests they run, on paper i seem normal. Tired of feeling like when i go to my doctor and say its not helping much, or at all, and getting viewed like some junkie that has nothing better todo than try to obtain a fix of drugs for symptoms that no test can back up. Been through countless doctors and meds, all with the same results, sounding like a broken record to my wife of three years that did not sign up for all this, feel horrible most of all for her. Oxycodone/ tramadol mix, hydrocodone/ tramadol mix along with verious anti inflams and muscle relaxers, lyrica and sevella both which just drugged me down with no relief. Hard to not get discouraged and down about ones self when in some form of constant pain except for a couple hours during the day when the narco is taken effect. Was wondering if anyone tried that tommi copper stuff, may look into it, just dont want to waste the money if it does not help. Thanks for all the welcomes, and look forward to going through the new year with some new friends and allies.

I’m so glad you have joined us ! This is the best group ever ! Everyone is so understanding & compassionate :slight_smile:
I have learned so much from other members about what helps and what doesn’t
I have not heard about that tomm copper , but I can say I have been able to find many things that help me
It’s a learning process and of course trial and error & lots of patience
Finding the right team of dr’s takes alot of energy, but once established it can offer alot of help
I recently had an appointment with a specialist that diagnosed me with a mitochondrial deficiency & his treatment plan has already helped my fatigue … So I’m so hopeful :slight_smile: after 2013 I sure needed this lift of hope ! God is good :slight_smile:
There is so many things to try, you just can’t ever give up …
Having friends on LWF that understand is also a huge help !!!
Hugs & blessings
dee B

Hi Lance

I look forward to getting to know you. I have not tried the tommi copper stuff but if you decide to let us know how it works.