Just want to feel better

In a fibro flare, nothing working! Also, weening off cymbalta and so sick to my stomach. Can I catch a break? I just want to feel better…

hi necee. i just hope you are doing that weening off slowly with the help of your doctor. i never allow weening off in a fast way. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


Oh Necee, I’m sorry that you are in such pain. Weaning off Cymbalta–is your doctor having you try something different? I will say a special prayer for you tonight. HUGS from Deb

Hi, Necee. I am sorry to hear you’re suffering. I know from past member posts that Cymbalta wean-off can be difficult. Have you been in touch with your doctor to report these side effects? Perhaps there is something they can suggest to make wean-off easier on you. I think your flare was likely brought on by stress… perhaps in combination with the med withdrawal. If you are able, try to take control of whatever stress you are able to minimize. Stress intervention is very important during a flare. Also, warm epsom salt baths and relaxing, soothing music are wonderful for de-stressing and help a bit with pain as well.

I hope you feel better real soon, Necee. I know you’ve been through quite alot in the last weeks. Keep us updated on how you’re doing. We’re here for you.

Hi Necee

I hope the doctor can give you something for the stomach till you feel better.

Hi Necee,

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well and I hope you feel better very soon!

Sending support your way,


So sorry you're in such a rough place. Weening off Cymbalta was incredibly difficult for me. I hope it gets easier for you. Do you have anything to replace it with? My doctor had me start new meds to replace the Cymbalta while I was weening off of it the second time. I think that helped the process be more successful for me. Cymbalta has profound effects on us, so it is very hard for our bodies to adjust without it.

Wishing you the best in whatever you decide you need to do moving forward. Hugs and prayers for you,


Hi Necee, I hope you are feeling better. I echo what others have suggested, try talking to your doctor to see if you can get something to help. I hope you are getting a chance to relax a little and take time for yourself some . . . sometimes taking time for ourselves is a great way to help with flares. Hugs!!! Michelle

When I am weaning off medication, I try to cut myself some slack . Try to understand the change in meds is making you feel worse. It gives me hope if I try to be patient. Focus on one thing at a time. You WILL feel better when the wean is over…unfortunately, we have lots of time to work on our fibro… It isn’t going anywhere!!! When you get your meds situated, then focus on the next challenge.

Hi Necee, sending you hugs. I know you were having a rough time over the weekend, just wondering how you are today? Have you been able to speak to or at least arrange an appointment with your doctor? I really hope you are doing better.